What was the last product that you bought-online? Have you ever had a worst or good experience while shopping online? Did you actually get what you pay for? There are tons of online stores, sometimes you have good experiences and sometimes bad experiences, tons of online stores over the internet-world are scam so, for your doorway to great shopping you need to investigate the online store properly. In this article, we are going to review Abilvia so that you may know Abilvia.com is your doorway to great online-shopping or a big scam?

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Abilvia.com: Abilvia is an online store that sells fashionable and stylish dresses at reasonable prices.

Collection list:

  • Casual dresses
  • Tops
  • Sweater
  • Cardigans
  • Two pieces set

Abilvia brings you fresh and fashionable design products but before you visit and pick fashionable-design products from Abilvia, do check out Abilvia Review!


  • URL: https://www.abilvia.com/
  • Connection of Abilvia is: secure
  • The domain of Abilvia, created on: 2-July -2021 [check: whois.com]
  • The domain of Abilvia will expire on 2-July -2022
  • Email: Abilvia@movefastmail.com
  • Address: available[XBP-International LTD 145-157 John street London England EC1V4PW]
  • Number: available[447482875871]
  • Shipping type: postal, free, and express shipping
  • Shipping time: vary according to shipping-time
  • Shipping price: free shipping for items-over $ seventy-nine
  • Return: thirty days- return
  • Customers review? Reviews are available

Abilvia: Only for your beauty is the tagline of this shopping website and Abilvia has a beautiful collection of dresses at forty percent off but, are they really giving you the best products for your beauty?

Abilvia-Positive Highlights:

  • Easy return
  • Fast delivery
  • Quality guarantee

Abilvia is giving a black Friday sale at forty% off

Abilvia offers:

  • thirty-five dollars off on orders over $210
  • twenty-five dollars off on orders over $210
  • ten dollars off on orders over $210

Abilvia.com: Not your doorway to great-online shopping!

Abilvia located at https://www.abilvia.com/ is not ‘your doorway to great shopping’ it is a big scam:


Abilvia shop was opened on: 2-July-2021, but this shop is not well-maintained and it is also not updated with genuine information.

Customer service staff of Abilvia will be unavailable as the email, location, and number of this shop is not valid, all the contacting modes are fake. Just to gain the trust of its online shoppers this shop has updated its contact number, location, and email

Abilvia has:

  • Scam email
  • Fake location
  • Scam contact number

Google updated company location & number: when you will Google Abilvia contact number and location it will show you some other companies that also have the same contact number & location.

Abilvia clothing {brand} has social connectivity page but, it not many people are following Abilvia clothing (brand}

Abilvia has:

  • Less number of followers
  • Only two connectivity links that are not followed by many people

Abilvia does not hold the information of its owner, on the about us page Abilvia has only updated copied content which does not hold any information about its owners.

Who owns Abilvia? It is unknown

Abilvia does not provide:

Cash on delivery

Accepts: only PayPal

Information updated on Abilvia Shipping/return/ exchange policies are copied from other online-stores that are leading their customers to big scam.

There are plenty of positive shopper’s reviews available on Abilvia but the online reviews of Abilvia are unfavorable.

Abilvia has:

  • Negative online reviews
  • Positive customers review


Abilvia.com is a doorway to a bad shopping experience; you will end up your shopping at the worst node as this is a scam shopping store.

Please beware of shopping from the Abilvia.com store! Thank You…