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Today, we’ll give you a quick overview of an ongoing scam involving “Amazon air pods raffle text message.”

Cyber thugs are constantly active on the internet, attempting to defraud people. They find numerous ways to defraud people by luring them into their trap, whether it is by offering high discounts on scam sites or a large giveaway by posing as legitimate eCommerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Shein, and others.

Scammers are once again active in scamming people by sending them text messages posing as Amazon.

In the text message, they are sending texts to people who claim to have placed third in this week’s Amazon raffled air pods. People are asked to click on the link (t8fmc.info/golykvtgD) provided below the message. The provided link redirects to a phishing website, where users are asked to enter confidential information about them.

If you receive the same message, we advise you not to click the link in the message because there is a high risk of your personal information being stolen. Scammers have used similar tactics to defraud people in the past.

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