Have you heard about the new “Free Jacket & Coat” scam circulating on the internet involving the well-known shopping website Amazon?

If no then you have reached the right place because today we are going to provide you a review in which we will give you every single detail about this scam.

There are various well-known brands on the market that offer discounts, gift cards, and other appealing offers to their customers or on behalf of special events.

Scammers, on the other hand, take advantage of this and deceive customers by offering deals and discounts in the name of such companies.

Find out what this Amazon jacket scam is all about.

There is a post regulating through social media that Amazon is rewarding people with jackets and coats by claiming promo codes.

People are getting a link that claims to provide a coupon code for a free jacket with free shipping.

People have claimed to have received jackets and coats as free gifts from Amazon through the provided Link.

Final Verdict

There are no relevant specifics about the offer, however, numerous people have reported it as a scam. We also don’t recommend making the mistake because it’s just another way for cyber thugs to steal people’s personal information and other details.

There are also numerous more scams operating on the internet and other social media platforms in the name of various big corporations offering anniversary promotions, discount offers, promo codes, free vouchers, and free gift cards, among other things.

Here is a list of some of the other common scams involving well-known companies:

Flipkart, Verizon, Zara, Publix, Venmo, Amazon, Maruti-Suzuki, Honda, Amazon AirPods

Please be aware of such frauds and refrain from spending or investing in the hopes of receiving free items.