The Responsibility of any genuine shopping site is to serve its customers better however there are many shopping sites that betray their customers, is one of them? Read this Review carefully to know the legitimacy of Amazonrity.

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About Amazonrity:

If you are looking for reasonable electronic products, could be an option; is an online store focusing on various electronic products. The products option activated on Amazonrity has only 24 products.

  • For buyers’ safety, has a valid HTTP connection. Review: Scam or a trusted shopping site?

This review provides as genuine as possible details about Amazonrity.

Amazonrity -Highlights:

  • url:
  • website name: Amazonrity
  • Amazonrity creation date:9 November 2022
  • email location:
  • HTTP Connection: Secure
  • contact location: Room 204- No. 127, Siheng Road, Yuancun Tianhe District Guangzho
  • Communication number: unavailable
  • owners’ name: Hidden
  • Product Prices: Reasonable
  • Shipping Policy: mentioned in the shipping policy section
  • Return/exchange: 60-90 days policy
  • Customers’ review: Unavailable
  • Social media account: available
  • Billing Process options: multiple options available for billing
  • Online reviews: available

Overviews of Amazonrity:

Amazonrity, Launched in “2022” is an online store, Amazonrity shares that whatever customers require, it’s right here on Amazonrity.

  • Amazonrity is designed for a reasonable price.

Amazonrity promotions or offers:

  • Sign up-To get an extra 5 percent off
  • Save $1 to $3.30 on each individual product

Amazonrity review- What do buyers think? allows its buyers to freely post reviews on Amazonrity individual products but, the buyers’ review section of Amazonrity is blank.

Rating or reviews for some products:

  • Amazonrity products have no 5-star* ratings and feedback.

Positive elements:

  • The HTTP connection of is secure.
  • Online reviews of Amazonrity are available.

Negative elements:

Negative elements are attached to Amazonrity such as:

  • The domain of is completely new.
  • Who owns Not Known.
  • The bulk buying product option is activated on Amazonrity, and a genuine site doesn’t active bulk option.
  • Amazonrity is not a well-managed store.
  • Copied content was detected on Amazonrity.
  • Customers’ policies of Amazonrity are terrible.
  • Non-clickable billing icons are displayed on Amazonrity.
  • Amazonrity is not a well-managed site.
  • The communication modes of are not genuine.
  • Relevant business details are not updated on Amazonrity.
  • Customers’ reviews for Amazonrity individual products are missing.
  • Useful links are not updated on Amazonrity.
  • Amazonrity is not using protected billing options.
  • Amazonrity is not trending on any social media platform.
  • The trust level of Amazonrity is extremely low.
  • Online reviews of are negative.

How to contact Amazonrity?

If buyers’ have any question that wasn’t listed in this Review they can check the Amazonrity contact section.

Important Point: The contact methods updated on Amazonrity are not trustworthy; the contact location of Amazonrity is also associated with other companies.

Our Opinion about Amazonrity:

Amazonrity located at: is not a trusted shopping site so shoppers should avoid shopping from Amazonrity.

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