Women’s wardrobe is unimaginable without great style and trendy clothes; Ambrete located at ambrete.com is one of the great style e-store. Whenever you think of any e-store this question may definitely come to your mind which e-store will be good for you. If you have landed at this e-store then you may also want to know whether it is a good e-store for you or not? We are here to help you so, please stay tuned with us.

Ambrete.com: Ambrete has grand collections of women’s fashionable products at special prices.


  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Long sleeve tops’
  • Spring and summer collection
  • Casual dresses
  • Tees
  • Two pieces set
  • Winter sale collection
  • Sweater and cardigan

Want to buy great style items and trendy clothes with vibrant colors? Ambrete e-store is the most excellent choice but before shopping from Ambrete do check out this e-store to know is Ambrete a legit e-store?


  • Url: https://www.ambrete.com/
  • Shipping: Shipping is free over seventy-nine dollars. Express and postal shipping will take thirty-five business days.
  • Return/exchange policy: within seven business days exchange will be processed.
  • Ambrete address: XBP-international ltd.145157 st. john street London England ECIV-4PW
  • Domain: The domain of Ambrete was registered on: 19-July-2021
  • Ambrete telephone-number: 44748287-5871
  • Ambrete owner profile: not disclosed.
  • Reviews of customers: Ambrete e-store has good customer reviews.
  • Transaction: transaction details are unavailable.
  • Items: roughly-defined.
  • Social media links: links are available.
  • Return-condition: Only quality defective products will be returned.
  • Ambrete connection: Secure.
  • Email id: Ambrete@fictomail.com

Is Ambrete a legit e-store?

Ambrete e-store is selling great style goods at unrealistic good discounts and policies but if you are not aware of such e-stores that sell goods at unrealistic-discounts then this might be a shopping scammer’s trap for you so be careful.

Ambrete is categorized as a scam e-store:


  • The social platform links are given but there are no relevant details displayed on the social connectivity platform.
  • The about-us section of every e-store holds the details about their products, quality, owners, and company profile but there is no such info available on Ambrete about us section. Useful details are not available Ambrete e-store about-us section.
  • Email, number, and office address of Ambrete are available but these contacting modes are inaccurate.
  • Ambrete is not revealing their model faces, most scam e-stores do not reveal their model faces.
  • Great style and trendy outfits displayed on Ambrete are also displayed in other stores.
  • Five-star ratings remarked on Ambrete are paid ratings.
  • Contents of Ambrete are copied from other e-stores.


Ambrete is a scam e-store which is providing great style fashionable items at special prices and attractive deals and also the policies of this e-store are satisfying but, if you are unaware of such shopping stores that offer unrealistic discounts then attractive deals might be a scam trap for you so, please do not fall for such unrealistic deals.