is claiming that you can get $750 on this cashapp site but, it is nothing like this offer. You will get scammed by not getting even one per cent of it. Appcash45 is not a real-reward. Scam or real reward?


Is Appcash45 Real?

  • Who owns appcash45? Not known.
  • Redirecting to other fishy site.
  • Other people have also talked about appcash45 and they also mentioned that many cash app reward sites are scam.
  • The domain of appcash45 is too new.
  • On quora people have posted negative comments regarding all the cashapp reward scam sites which are redirecting to the same cash app site


legit websites do not distribute cash for free but, Appcash45 is distributing cash for free hence, we do not recommend Appcash45 site.