With the rising fake stores scammers has introduced one more fake store. Aprecc.com is a new online scam store of the beatless merchandise introduced by the scammers. To know the honest review of this fake store stay in touch and know why this website is categorized as new online scam store.

Aprecc.com is listed as a new online scam but why?

Aprecc.com is a new online store that sells the beatless, vinyl box set and record player at manageable prices but this store is categorized as a new online scam so, the visitors should think twice before choosing aprecc as their shopping place.

  • The domain name of this website is aprecc.com but, this online scam store is using the other name i.e. ethaiv as its logo.
  • The emails address i.e.  easytesco@gmail.com of this scam website is different from its domain name.
  • The customer’s review section of this website is empty {no reviews yet}
  • The existed business address and name of the company seems doubtful.
  • This online scam sites is not showcasing its owner identity.
  • The home page of this online scam store is not catchy and attractive.
  • This online scam portal is very new.
  • This scam portal accept only PayPal payment mode.
  • No cash on delivery is provided by this scam portal.
  • The trust index of this scam store is very low.
  • This store distributes products of unknown brand. Inappropriate products are presented on this online portal.
  • Important information is not available on this portal.
  • Poor qualities of content are present on this portal.
  • This online portal has gained a lot of negative flags.
  • Lengthy return policy of the products is mentioned on this online portal.
  • The product assigned on this portal does not have any star ratings.
  • Return or switching items are accepted only when the item will be unused or will be in the same condition hence; this store has tricky return or switching items policy.
  • Product cancellation option is not mentioned by this online portal.
  • The existed products on this new scam-store are roughly introduced with the improper description and content.
  • Social links of this new online scam store do not links the visitors to any social media platform.
  • This scam portal does not have lot traffic on their portal.


After doing a deep investigation on aprecc.com we lead to a conclusion that this is a new online scam store so, the buyers should not prefer aprecc comas their shopping place.

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