Keep your eyes open as there is a new scam in the web world i.e. Argos Pallets 1.78 Scam.

New Scam!

Unclaimed Parcels Scam! Beware of Argos Pallets 1.78 Scam!

Con artists are mentioning scam Argos Pallets 1.78 post on Facebook that mentions that Argos- A Retail Company is distributing unclaimed parcels at just £1.78 so, viewers should not respond to the Argos Pallets post, this post is not created by the official Argos Company, it is created by the con artists to steal viewers’ credit card/personal details.

Official Argos web-site:

If you get any unclaimed parcel text that pretends to be from Argos than verify it first, check whether it is from the official Argos company or not.

Please, beware of Argos pallets 1.78 scam!