Artificial intelligence is a bigger part of our life and it is all around us. It has the power to change our life but do you exactly know what artificial intelligence is? How it is helping us in our life? If not then, you must go through this article that will help you in knowing what exactly artificial intelligence is.

What is Artificial intelligence? How it is helping?

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial means non-natural and intelligence means the ability to think, learn and understand. It is a form and development of computer science that is used to generate intelligent machines that need human intelligence.

The ability of machines to learn and think is known as artificial intelligence and it tries to make machines smarter so that they can work by themselves without being encoded with any command.

  • Artificial intelligence is a way of making software, computers, and robot act and thinks like humans.

Technologies that use artificial intelligence are:

  • Machine learning
  • Speech recognition
  • Deep learning
  • Robotic technology
  • Natural language generation
  • Biometric identification

It is applied in lots of sectors like:

  • Healthcare sector
  • Assembling Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Automotive Industries
  • Business organization

Types of artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is mainly divided into two types i.e. type 1 and type 2

Type 1- AI is Divided into 3-parts such as:

  • Narrow artificial intelligence [dedicated for 1-task]
  • General artificial intelligence[performs like human]
  • Strong artificial intelligence[more intelligent than humans]

Narrow AI:

  • Also, known as weak AI.
  • In this type of artificial intelligence, dedicated tasks are performed with intelligence.
  • The most commonly available intelligence is narrow artificial intelligence.
  • It cannot perform any task beyond its limitation as this artificial intelligence is only trained for performing one specific task.
  • Playing chess, self-driving car, image recognition, purchasing suggestions on eCommerce websites, and speech recognition all are examples of narrow artificial intelligence.

General AI:

  • General AI is capable of performing intellectual tasks as efficiently as human beings.
  • The motto behind this type of AI is to make such machines that could be intelligent or smarter and think on their own just like humans.
  • General AI systems are still under research as this artificial intelligence will require more time and effort to develop such machines that can do any task perfectly just like human beings.

Super AI:

Super AI is a type of AI that could do any task much better than human beings with cognitive properties.

Its key characteristic includes:

  • Solve puzzle
  • Ability to think
  • Ability to plan and learn
  • Communicate by its own

Type 2—AI is divided into 4 parts such as:

  • Reactive machine
  • Limited memory
  • Theory of mind
  • Self-awareness

Reactive machine:

  • The reactive machine is a basic type of intelligence.
  • Reactive machines do not store past experiences and memories for future actions.
  • The reactive machine only focuses and works on the currently present scenario, and then reacts accordingly as per the best possible action.

Limited memory:

  • For a short time-period some data and past experience can be stored in limited memory machines.
  • Use a limited period of time.
  • Self-driving cars could be the best example of a limited memory machine.
  • Self-driving cars could store the speed limit, speed and distance of nearby cars, and more such information that is needed to navigate the road.

Theory of mind:

  • Should Understand human emotions and be capable of interacting socially just like humans.
  • This type of intelligence machine is not developed yet but researchers are making full efforts for developing such an Artificial intelligence machine


  • This artificial intelligence machine will be much smarter and sharp than the human brain.
  • This is the future of AI and Will be super intelligent.
  • This machine will have its own sentiments, consciousness, and self-awareness.
  • In real life, these machines do not exist.


Artificial intelligence technology is already around all of us which is a big part of human life that is helping each one of us in doing things like driving cars, translating language, beat a human at games such as chess and auto correctors.