Today we will look at a new website named, which sells limited-edition liquor bottles at reasonable prices.

As you are all aware, there are many fake websites on the market that pose as legitimate sites and offer people high discounts and other incentives in order to deceive them.

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There are numerous clothing websites for women, men, and children that offer discounts on their website in order to attract consumer’s interest.

However, is a shopping site that sells low-cost liquor bottles.

Let’s check out Artinholo.

What is Artinholo? is a newly designed website that sells its items through the online market. The website is purely made for selling high-quality liquor bottles.

The website provides worldwide shipping for its items and also offers them at low prices.

The website is designed a month ago on 20-08-2021 but the website will be expired on next year on 20-08-2022.

The website primarily delivers whiskey, rum, wine, bourbon, cognac, tequila, and other high-quality exclusive bottles of liquor at extremely low prices.

Facts about

  • WHOIS Record:

Artinholo does not provide any specific details regarding their website. Only the creation date is given with the expiration date.

  • Company Details:

There are no details are available on the website about Artinholo. You cannot find any owner, company, and other important detail like contact number, company name, and location on the website page.

An email id ( is the only source for contacting the website for queries.

  • Discounts & Payment: gives various offers in its products. They give their customers discounts up to 15%.

Their discount policy said that:

  • 10% discount will be given on buying 3 items.
  • On buying 4 items up to 15% off will be given to the customers.

There is no cash on delivery policy given on the items provided on the website.

The only mode to do transactions is PayPal. Although there are many other payment modes available on the website page all of them are non-clickable.

  • Shipping Details:

According to the shipping policy of Artinholo; the website sells its products globally. Free shipping is also available in its products. The products worth $69 will get free delivery all over the world.

The delivery of the product is based on the location of the customer. The website provides different delivery dates for different countries.

  • Return Details:

The return policy of Artinholo says that:

  • Customers can return their order within 14 days.
  • Returns are only eligible when the item will be in its original packaging.
  • Proofs and receipts of item purchasing are also necessary.
  • Customers have to pay for the return shipping for their products.
  • Refunds are only approved when customers complete all the necessary criteria given by the company.

Our Recommendation: is a scam website that deceives people by offering them lucrative deals on high-quality alcohol at low prices. The website was recently launched and will only be available for a year before being removed from the online marketplace.

To attract people the website offers low-cost liquor. The website page contains a limited number of items. They have kept so many details hidden regarding their company.

As a result, we do not recommend and only advise you not to be tricked by the website.