Online shopping is a key- tool that determines the technological and economical growth. E-commerce site users have made online shopping habit, even though malls and markets are open. As e-commerce users are addicted more to online shopping so they visit many e-commerce sites to visit and pick up their own style products. is an online women’s style shopping hub but, before any women go and pick up products from this shopping hub we would like to show them the true side of this shopping hub. ayobsis is a women’s style fashion shop that sells varieties of shoes, accessories, and dresses online at extremely affordable prices.

Women’s can shop:

  • Dresses
  • Sets
  • Tops
  • Coats
  • Shoes
  • accessories


  • URL:
  • The connection of ayobsis is: secure
  • The domain of ayobsis, created on: 14-September-2021
  • Email:
  • Office Location: available[ 2 square saint-marshal 66100 Perpignan ]
  • Office number: available[ 814001541]
  • Payment option: PayPal
  • Social-connection: links are available
  • Return: accepts product return
  • Shipping: offers international shipping
  • Shipping cost: offers free shipping over dollar 109
  • Reviews? Unavailable reviews

Ayobsis- A scam women’s style shopping hub!

Ayobsis located at is categorized as a scam-women’s style shopping hub:


  • Ayobsis is a newly introduced shopping hub that will land you on other ecommerce site i.e. store.
  • All the contact modes are posted on ayobsis including office location, office number, and email but, all the available contact modes relate with other shopping hubs like comstrilly, evanliney, etc.
  • All the contact modes available on ayobsis are scam modes.
  • Ayobsis has:
  • Scam email
  • Scam office location
  • Scam telephone number
  • Social connection links are not clearly posted, this shopping hub has only shown the Facebook icon at the top of the official page of ayobsis. The available Facebook icon shows that this shopping hub has not had many followers on its Facebook page.
  • This women’s style shopping-hub is not gaining much popularity.
  • The domain name of this shopping hub is but, while opening this site it will land on another domain i.e. and even this shopping hub is showcasing elbour logo at its top.
  • The email address is using elbour domain name but, it is not matching with ayobsis domain name.
  • Contents and product pictures of ayobsis are copied.
  • The transaction gateway information page of ayobsis is missing. Transaction gateway-information is unclear.
  • This shopping site has only done formalities of showcasing their return policy but, the return policy mentioned on this shopping site are not properly mentioned, they haven’t mentioned that at what time can online shoppers can request for returning their products and even the shipping policy of ayobsis are also not mentioned properly.
  • This women’s shopping site does not have online shoppers review presented on its site and not even on the internet.


After proper investigation, we lead to a conclusion: is not a legit women’s style fashion store so, women’s should avoid shopping from scam women’s shopping site.

Please beware of shopping site! Thank you…