Barenkul is an online brand that provides body management, skincare, and digital products at exclusive prices but is Barenkul a genuine brand? Read this Review to know the legitimacy of Barenkul.

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Is it a genuine brand? Review: Is Barenkul a Genuine Brand or Another Scam?

This brand focuses on the combination of fashion & function. This brand offers exclusive offers.


  • URL:
  • Domain: Newly registered
  • Founder name: Not updated
  • Product cost: Reasonable
  • Product categories: Healthy hair, body management, kitchenware, pet supplies, fun toys, cars, bags, decorative arts & digital products
  • HTTP connection: Secure
  • Contact location & number: Updated on the contact method page
  • Transaction method: Paypal & credit/debit card
  • Accepts Return: Within 30 days
  • Social media links: Unavailable
  • Online review: Available
  • Shoppers reviews: Available on the official site
  • Email location: support@mail.

The owner of this brand created the official site in March- 2022, but who owns Not known, this is the major drawback of this brand not only this there are many other drawbacks of this online brand.


  • The domain of was registered in March- 2022 and will turn off next year.
  • Online reviews of are negative.
  • The contact methods of Barenkul are not genuine.
  • The business information is not updated on Barenkul.
  • The return & refund policy of are unclear.
  • This brand does not contain genuine customer reviews.
  • The social media links of are unavailable.
  • The trust level of Barenkul is too low.

Positive Points:

  • The HTTP connection of is secure.
  • Barenkul is providing exclusive offers.

Barenkul is supporting 2 transaction methods credit/debit card and Paypal but are these transaction methods safe? Click the given links to know whether Paypal is safe or not.

Is it safe to use Paypal?

Why it’s the first choice?

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Is Barenkul .com a genuine brand? Barenkul located at: is not a genuine brand so customers should maintain a distance from this untrustworthy brand.

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