is an online fruit store that sells a variety of fruits at retail prices.

Are you a fruit lover? If you want a basket full of fresh, healthy, and some organic fruits on your doorstep then you must visit Basehoney, because the website supplies all kinds of organic fruits at retailed rates to their customers all around the world.

Now let’s read some important facts regarding Basehoney.

About Basehoney is a retail store that supplies organic fruits through the online marketplace.

Most of the products have the same rate from $29.98-$79.89. Free shipping can also be accessible to the customers whose order is above $49.98

The website started doing its business through the online market on 16-08-2021.

A variety of fruits are available in this store. Some are dragon fruit, pink pineapples, jackfruits, figs, guava, langsat, cherries, passion fruit, cherimoya, custard apple, banana, cactus pear, mango, mangosteen, lychees, rambutan, sapodilla, snake fruit, papaya, melon, cassava roots, lime box, date boxes, etc.

Website Specifics:


Domain Creation Date: 16-08-2021

Domain Expiry Date: 16-08-2022

Email: Not Available

Contact: Not Available

Cod: Not Available

Payment Method: Visa, PayPal, Master Card, Maestro

Return: 60-day return

Shipping: Globally

Is Basehoney a safe place to shop?

No, is not a safe place to shop because we have thoroughly analyzed Basehoney and its policies and WHOIS databases and we do not found anything legit regarding the website.

There is so much information hidden about the website and even they don’t provide any specific information about the website and policies.

The WHOIS database also does not hold any information about the website.

The website does not provide any information on their WHOIS database other than the domain registration and expiration date.

Here are some reasons why we do not suggest shopping at Basehoney:

  • Recently registered website
  • Poor website layout
  • Registration will be expired within a year
  • No details about the owner and company
  • No address, contact, and email details are given
  • Incomplete WHOIS data
  • No social media links are provided
  • No Cash on delivery is given
  • Suspicious shipping and return policy
  • Refunds and exchanges are not available


Finally, we would like to state that is not a secure website to conduct any type of shopping. The website is poorly designed and conceals a lot of information, and the policies raise red flags as well.

“We do not recommend this website for shopping and advise you to be aware of such online stores.”

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