You may make garlic your enemy because of its awful odour but, garlic can be your friend but how? Dear readers, you have to scroll down for knowing how it can be your ‘friend’, and dear readers you will be surprised by knowing the beauty benefits of garlic. How can you get gorgeous skin and lovely hair from garlic, come let’s know.

Grow lovely hair with garlic:

If you are getting fed-up with your hair-loss problem then you can use garlic. Garlic may effectively solve your hair loss problem as there is a high amount of allicin present in it, like in onions sulfur compounds are present, and similarly, in garlic, this compound is present which will effectively and efficiently solve the problem of hair loss. So use garlic and grow lovely hair with garlic by squeezing the garlic juice and then mix its juice with your daily hair oil, then massage the roots of your hair with this mixture.

Eliminates Blackheads:

Your blackheads are the outcomes of your excessive oil combined with the dirt that gets placed on the skin pores so, to prevent this issue you can use this ingredient for managing the production of excessive oil.  Polyphenols are present in garlic due to which it controls the skin excessive oil.  How to apply garlic to remove blackheads? Grate garlic and tomato slices then, apply this mixture all over your face especially on the t-zone & rinse it off after fifteen minutes. Daily use of this garlic & tomato paste will eliminate blackheads, it will close the skin pores and garlic will also control the oil.

 Treats acne& pimples:

Garlic is an excellent ingredient for getting rid of pimples& acne due to its antibacterial& antiseptic- nature.  When you will apply garlic on acne then the garlic kills all the bacteria that are placed deep inside on the pores. Extract garlic juice then in it add a few amount of honey for dilution than with the help of cotton balls apply this on your acne and pimples let it for 2-3 minutes and then wash it. It will also lessen the redness and also the inflammation.

Helpful for losing weight:

Garlic has a relation with fat burning as it may help you to lose weight. Garlic also helps in controlling the cholesterol level and garlic also suppresses the appetite because there is a compound present in the garlic named allicin which helps in suppressing the appetite due to this it also helps in preventing untimely and un-healthy eating. Garlic increases the metabolism and this is an essential key factor for burning the calories. All you have to do is to eat 1 garlic clove along with lukewarm honey-water every morning.

Eliminates dandruff:

Garlic is another beneficial kitchen remedy for eliminating dandruff due to its anti-fungal nature. For battling with dandruff. Dandruff is the most irritating hair-problem so for eliminating this irritating hair problem boil a few cloves of garlic and then stain this water and rinse your hair with this water.

For the growth of your nails:

For growing your nails faster use garlic. Garlic protects your nails, it does not make your nails week, and also for getting rid of yellow nails apply garlic. Massage your nails with the hot- garlic oil before going to bed.