Have you heard about the latest Discord-related scam? If not, you’ve come to the right place because today we’ll notify you about a scam going on in the name of a famous app called Discord.

What is Discord?

Discord.com is a digital distribution platform as well as a social gaming platform. Gamers use it mostly for direct messaging, audio calls, video chats, and private chats where they can share media.

Discord is a messaging app that allows you to create and manage private and public groups. It provides users with communication capabilities such as audio and video conversations, chat rooms, and integrations with other gamer-focused platforms, as well as the ability to send direct messages, create personal groups, and share screens.

What is the Dliscord.com scam all about?

People are receiving DMs from cyber thugs encouraging them to visit a link(URL) they have supplied in the name of “free Nitro and Robux” giveaways.

They’re urging individuals to login into the provided link and scan a QR code, which takes them to a phishing website from which they can steal people’s personal information and install malware into their devices.

If people click the provided link, they will be redirected to several robotic websites which will be routed to phishing websites that steal personal information, contain malware, or demand visitors to pay for unwanted commodities.

If you receive the same message, please delete it without opening it, and do not fall for any giveaways because scammers can gain access to your personal information.

One mistake can lead to a significant loss, so be cautious and avoid falling for such a scam.  Share this information with others and make them aware also…