Love for shopping good pair of shoes never ends; we all love to shop comfortable & good pair of shoes. There are a lot of new online shopping malls that sell varieties of good and comfortable pairs of shoes one of which is bioyoyo. If you landed on this shopping mall and you are searching for bioyoyo honest review then your search for an honest review ends here at the website.

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Before moving forward to read the bioyoyo review, please do check omnienter reviews and also check site-scam category.

Do check out bioyoyo review carefully to know whether is a new scam or legit shopping mall. Bioyoyo is a new shopping mall selling various different patterns of shoes at least prices. If are considering bioyoyo as your shopping destination for shopping various good pattern & quality shoes then before shopping shoes from bioyoyo you should check the review of bioyoyo carefully.


  • Shipping: free on products above dollar seventy-nine.
  • Return and refund: Must be made within 12-hours.
  • Bioyoyo address: unavailable.
  • Bioyoyo contact number: unavailable.
  • product quantity: unlimited.
  • Bioyoyo owner profile: unrevealed.
  • Reviews of customers: haven’t placed any review
  • Accept transaction: through PayPal.
  • Contents & product images: Copied.
  • Delivery: offers worldwide delivery.
  • Products: Products are not properly defined.
  • Social media page: only facebook-page is available.
  • Product return-condition: products in the original condition required.
  • Bioyoyo connection: Secure.
  • Email
  • Contact bioyoyo: only through email.
  • Url:

Now a day’s people are crazier about online shopping so, they visit various online shopping malls for buying comfortable and good qualities of products with this craze multitudes of online shopping malls are emerging out of which there are a lot of shopping malls which are newly introduced and they all are scam shopping malls so before considering any of them please do a web search to know about their legitimacy.

Bioyoyo is another new shoe seller online shopping-mall, newly registered on the month of august-2021 but is this a new scam? For this, you have to Continue reading bioyoyo review.

Is bioyoyo a scam shopping mall?

Bioyoyo is a new online-scam shopping mall. Bioyoyo shopping mall is redirecting to and this shopping mall is similar to omnienter– An online scam shopping mall so, bioyoyo shopping mall can’t be trusted.

You can double or triple check bioyoyo and omnienter shopping mall, both this shopping mall is exactly same.

All the features of bioyoyo shopping mall are matching with omnienter. To clear your doubts-please Do check out bioyoyo & omnienter!


  • Bioyoyo is not a fraud online shopping mall that is redirecting to other fraud shopping mall-coolgiftslockers.
  • Bioyoyo shopping mall every details and theme are matching with omnienter, only there is a little difference in their email address otherwise everything is same.

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