The festive season is here and with this, we all love to décor or houses or workplaces with furniture, décor items, and gadgets. With the festive season, many online stores offer extremely great discounts, visitors take advantage of such offers, isn’t it? Blademall is an online shopping mall from where you will get varieties of items at great discounts but before you press the buy now button do checkout Blademall review carefully! Blademall is a shopping mall that sells multiple products online at extremely low prices but, should you trust Blademall? Come find-out here.

Categories of products:

  • Apparel
  • Sports and outdoor
  • Garden and furniture
  • Lifestyle
  • Tools
  • Digital


  • URL:
  • The connection of Blademall is: secure
  • The domain of Blademall, registered on: 12-october-2021[check:]
  • Company location: 13599- park vista blvd fort-worth TX-76177
  • Company number: ‘5017107194’ and ‘9788381001’
  • You can request for your order-cancellation within-twenty four hours
  • Products at factory low-rates.
  • Social links: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter links are being shared on Blademall
  • Return: you can return your purchased product within fifteen days
  • Customers review? Reviews are available

Blademall- A suspicious shopping mall!

Blademall located at is categorized as suspicious shopping-mall:


  • The domain of Blademall is newly created, it has been hardly seven days.
  • This mall is not providing an easy transaction method, it is only allowing PayPal transaction gateway which is not an easy transaction method for some people.
  • This mall has very worst trust- index.
  • This mall domain will expire soon on: 12-October-2022
  • This mall has no publicity on any social media handle even though they have shared social-handle links but they are of no-use.
  • This mall is not providing first-class services to its visitors. Visitors will not get better services here.
  • Products on Blademall are available at unbeatable and unrealistic costs that only scam malls offers for their customers.
  • This online shopping mall looks very poor and roughly designed.
  • All positive Customers reviews have been found on Blademall with good ratings and apart from this website, this mall has no customers -reviews on any platform.
  • Al the items presented on Blademall are mashed-up and even they are not of famous-brand.
  • Who owns Blademall? All displayed pages on Blademall do not have any details about its owner hence, who owns is not known.
  • Blademall has unfavorable-online reviews.
  • Communication links shared on Blademall are not real they are also displayed on some other online shopping malls.


Is Blademall trustworthy? Is Blademall un-professional? Is Blademall a great shopping gateway? After deep research on Blademall, we found so many loopholes of this mall such as unknown owner, copied content, useless-social handle links, suspicious communication links, etc, due to which we-lead to a conclusion that Blademall is not a trustworthy and professional online shopping mall.

Please beware of Blademall! Thank you…