To keep your look classy and sassy can you trust Boprof fashion e-store? To know whether fashion store can be trusted or not do, read its review.

Women love to be their own style icon so, they love to visit many shopping places especially online shopping places. To find the best fashionable products to enhance classier look they visit many online-shopping places but all the shopping places that they visit can’t be trusted as some online shopping places may fool them so, they should be very careful while choosing any online shopping places. Boprof is an online fashion e-store for women’s and it claims to provide good-quality items at the lowest price.


  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Skirt
  • Denim
  • Outerwear
  • Sweaters knit
  • Pants
  • Jumpsuits & rompers

Boprof-women’s fashion store is dealing in women’s fashion trend clothing that promises to sell women’s clothing at best prices at quality.


  • Url:
  • Connection of Boprof is: secure
  • The domain of Boprof registered on: 3-June-2021
  • Email:
  • Phone number: not updated
  • Transaction method: PayPal
  • Location: 707 fenimore road Mamaroneck NY-10543, US
  • Return: for return contact within 30-days
  • Shipping: provides international-shipping
  • Customers review? No-reviews

Boprof- A scam fashion e-store for women!

Boprof located at is listed as a scam fashion e-store for women’s:


Unknown owner: When we tried to find out the information of the owner then, we found nothing, as the owner’s information on Boprof is not posted.

Not up to date fashion store: Boprof online store is not up to date and the prices of the products are not correct. The products being sold by this store are not described properly.

Negative online review: if you have any doubt about Boprof then you can research it properly, when you will try to research online-reviews of Boprof then you will get all negative reviews about Boprof.

No review section: Boprof does not have shoppers review –section.

No tracking info: to track them Boprof hasn’t provided any proper information.

No social-media handles: there are no social media- handle links posted on the Boprof fashion store. To drive maximum traffic all legit store shows their presence on their social-media handles.

Bad trust score: trust score of this fashion store is not good which puts Boprof under the suspicious category.

No products in some categories: multiple pictures of products of some categories are not available and if you will view all it will show: there are no items to list on this-category.

Rough description: there are no detailed descriptions of the products.

Suspicious contact info: phone number is not posted on Boprof, only accompany email and location is posted but those posted contact modes seem suspicious.


Will you place an order from Boprof? We have shown you the clear-picture of Boprof so, that you may know the trustworthiness of Boprof and after proper research, we find that Boprof is a scam-fashion e-store for women’s pleases beware of Boprof!