People are always eager to explore online shopping sites from where they can buy anything that they want so; they explore many online sites for shopping to fulfill their desire or needs. If you have stepped into the world of online shopping sites and by stepping- in you have landed on website then check out its review first to know: Is botesports offering a scam deal?

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Know about is an online store which is selling paddleboards at reasonable prices. Shoppers will find wide arrays of paddle-boards here but before making a purchase from explore this store as it may not offers a legit deal.

We assembled a few more information about botesports store to explain its legitimacy to our Readers:

Is this online store new to the market?

Botesports store is a newly launched web-site registered on: 15-July-2021 and it will expire on 14-July-2022

Positive sides:

  • Botesports sells various beautiful collections of paddle boards.
  • Offers paddle boards at a manageable price.
  • Has secure connection.
  • Worldwide delivery.
  • Take full care of shopper’s protection. If shoppers don’t receive any order then, they will get a full refund.
  • Sells paddle boards at an exclusive discount. offers scam or legit deal?

After finding some negative sides of store we concluded that this website does not offers legit deals.

We have addressed those negative sides…check out these negative sides.

Negative sides:

  • The website has a lack of reviews: when we explore this website then we find a lack of reviews. There is no feedback mentioned by the customers about the website and the products that this website offers.
  • Discount offers: offers the best discounts, which are hard to trust like they are offering 91 percent discounts on every product.
  • Payment methods: they have mentioned that you can do secure payment through PayPal and they will not keep your card information but this does not indicate that they will do want they said, they are not providing cash-on-delivery! Scam alert this is a scam trick.
  • Communication mode: you can connect to this website via. Email or phone number but, the email address and phone number seem suspicious.
  • Limited to one-purchase: this website has mentioned that each buyer is limited to purchase one product but when you will purchase any product that you then, you will get options of choosing un-limited purchases! Scam alert.
  • Suspicious about us page: on the about-us page they have not mentioned valuable information such as company details and owner details of the web-site is not affirmed.

End line:

After doing research on we lead to the conclusion that this botesports store is offering scam deals.


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