Bxirt.com is a newly added online store which might be a scam store; to find out this we have done research on this newly added store to present the real sides of this shop which will help the visitors to decide whether they should prefer this shop or not.

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Positive highlights:

  • The Wreaths are available at manageable costs.
  • Visitors will get High discounts on each wreath.
  • Best product quality.
  • Assures warranty on products.
  • Sends products at a time.
  • This store assures the visitors of premium free-shipping.
  • Beautiful and floral designs wreaths are delivered by this store.

Will you recommend the bxirt.com store to your family and friends? Before recommending this store please continue reading this review and then decide whether you have to recommend this store or not.

This newly added online-shop sells varieties of wreaths at manageable costs and high discounts. This newly added store is added to the list of new scam stores but, why? Stay connected with us to know why this is a newly added scam.

Bxirt.com is added as a new scam store but why?

  • The theme of this new scam website is a little bit impressive but the overall layout of this new-scam store is not much impressive and catchy.
  • This store is freshly founded a few months ago {domain was registered on: 24-06-2021}
  • Wreaths have five stars and five stars do not seem real.

  • This store assures that visitors can buy an unlimited quantity of wreaths of the same type.
  • The customer’s review section of this new store is full of customers positive review this seems doubtful that this a very recently added online store that is suspicious but still customers review section is full of positive reviews.
  • Doubtful Email servers were found on this new store.
  • The company address presented on the contact-page of this store is not valid for returning the products and even the address presented is not genuine.
  • Twenty-four* seven customers service is not good as there is no contact number given to get in touch with the customer’s service team, only the way to connect with the team is email server but, the email is not the same as the website or domain name and the email is not genuine.
  • This company has not mentioned the name of the founder of its business. The identity of the founder is not revealed by this website.


After doing deep research about this wreath selling store we lead to a conclusion that: this is a newly added wreath selling scam store so, the visitors should not choose this online wreath seller for buying floral and beautiful design wreaths.

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