is a new online source of earning released this month. Is it a profitable source of earning? nothingends is here to share with you that this might be a scam program.

Is a profitable program or online scam program?

Cashboost22 is asking users to finish 20 deals to claim dollar 750 to their cash app-account, for that users have to answer questions out of 3 like:

  • Are you a cash app user? Yes or no
  • How did you plan to use 750 dollar to your cash-app account? Keep it or give to a friend
  • How many times do you shop per week?

After answering all 3-questions this site will ask you to sign up to get started. Enter mail and then continue. is new rewarding online program landing to, where users have to sign up through their email address and after that verification code will be delivered to the users’ email-address. After the completion of the sign up process users will be land to site.

Steps for earning rewards:

  • Sign up for the program.
  • Select any optional survey and view its optional offers.
  • Finish 20-deals from 5 different levels to claim 750-dollar reward.
  • After finishing deals, finish reward claims step which will take five-seven days and then get your reward.

Nothingends do not recommend as its new program for earning rewards and also it has some fishy features.

  • Who owns cashboost22? Not known.
  • The domain of cashboost will expire next year.
  • The domain of cashboost is too new.
  • There are charges for subscription.

What is your view about this new reward program? Do mention….