Are you looking for comfy style with fashion? Cellvenus is a new women’s fashion store that claims to provide comfy-style with fashion at reasonable price but, is this new fashion store safe for shopping or big scam? Do read this Cellvenus.Com Review.

Cellvenus: legit or new scam?

No one has started a conversation on Cellvenus.Com because of this shoppers are not aware of this fashion store legitimacy so, we did deep investigation on this women’s fashion store to help people in knowing the legitimacy of Cellvenus.Com fashion store.

Cellvenus.Com Review: legit or scam women’s fashion store?

Is Cellvenus located at: – a legit women’s fashion store? Check this Cellvenus review for knowing Cellvenus.Com legitimacy.

Positive Highlights of Cellvenus:

  • The connection of store is secure.
  • Cellvenus products have reasonable-cost.
  • Cellvenus is also offering free-shipping.
  • Cellvenus is offering return on its products.
  • Contact number of Cellvenus.Com is available.
  • Cellvenus offers quality and unique women’s fashion.
  • Cellvenus has lots of option as it has varieties of designs.
  • Cellvenus logo is matching with its domain/website name.
  • Interface of Cellvenus is user-friendly.

Shoppers will definitely fall for Cellvenus.Com products as its fashion products are beautifully crafted but, falling in love with Cellvenus.Com outfits may lead them to the shopping scam as this women’s fashion-store look suspicious but, why?

Red flags are attached to this women’s fashion store such as:-

Red Flags:

  • The domain of Cellvenus.Com is too new.
  • Who owns Cellvenus.Com? Not known, owners name is hidden on whois record and about us section.
  • The domain of Cellvenus will terminate next-year.
  • Contact methods of Cellvenus are updated on its contact method page but, Cellvenus contact methods are suspicious.
  • Quantities of Cellvenus products are unavailable.
  • Each category products available on have fixed price.
  • This fashion store has not published its payment method information page, they have updated payment method icon which are not functioning.
  • Products of Cellvenus.Com are not described properly.
  • Customers’ policies of Cellvenus are not user friendly.
  • Social media links of Cellvenus are not linking directly to the social world.
  • Cellvenus has not shown their model-faces.
  • Legit websites receives online and customer reviews  but, online and customer  reviews of Cellvenus.Com unavailable


Is Cellvenus a legit store? Considering Cellvenus.Com red flags we do not recommend Cellvenus. After reading this Cellvenus.Com Review will you recommend this fashion store? Please, do- answer at nothing ends comment area.