Cocoddy com is a real or fake one online seller? We are presenting the real sides of this online seller so, that you make the safest decision for yourself. Check out the honest review of this online seller before shopping from Cocoddy.

This online portal is listed as a fake seller but why?

  • Cocoddy com website was introduced on: 7-November-2021, this is a lot of time for any website to work more upon their web site but this web site is designed roughly.
  • This online-seller is selling all the products at unrealistic prices and they haven’t assigned categories of their products, only they have mentioned new arrival category, this category has sub category named collection but this category is non-clickable hence, this category does not have any products.
  • This online seller has limited products with UN limited quantity this is a negative highlight of online-scam shops.
  • The product has a rough description means the product does not have any brand-name and useful information of the products is missing only Un-necessary information about the products is mentioned.
  •  Product ranges are fixed like $49.99, $34.90, $44.97, $39.99; these ranges are fixed for all the products.

  • The website does not have customer service and owner information page due to this the real identity of this company is hidden.
  • One of the major negative highlights of this online seller is that it does not have any CUSTOMER REVIEW  & the “ONLINE REVIEWS “  of this online store are negative.  Products have no reviews yet.
  • This website does not have a transaction information page so, to know the transaction gateway of this site the customers have to click on any product and then click buy now option of the product and they have to fill the details-form for the payment, they have mentioned PayPal transaction mode.
  • On the bottom of the home-page of this seller, It is mentioned that return is acceptable but, there is no return policy-page from where the visitors can get the proper detail related to product returning.
  • This website is not popular on any social media-platform, the social-media links of this seller are not activating.
  • The company is not sharing their email address and not even their contact-number. Customers have to enter their email address to know about the exclusive offers and new arrivals but they can’t directly contact them due to the unavailability of the contact number as well as an email address.


We are binding this Cocoddy com review by leading to a conclusion that this online seller is not genuine, this is a scam, online seller.