Did you receive parcel tracking text link from Comeandpickupitem.com? Did you find this come and pickup item legit or scam? Check Comeandpickupitem Review.

Comeandpickupitem.com Review: legit or come and pickup item scam?

Come and pickup item link is forwarded to the users from Comeandpickupitem.com that tells users to click on parcel tracking text that will send them to yourthingisready.com, notifying them that your item is pending and you need to give  shipping details and transport preferences but, it’s our request to our readers to please block it and do not respond to this parcel tracking text it’s a scam parcel text that has connection with scam site i.e. Comeandpickupitem.com so, please beware of this parcel tracking text.

People may also receive parcel tracking-text from other phishing websites.