To make your online shopping simple and easy there are a lot of online shopping places all over the web world and cookymall located at is one of them. It is not always possible that all the shopping places that you visit will be legit, with the excess use of online shopping places there are so many scam shopping places so, you should be very careful while choosing any shopping places as your final shopping destination.

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Stay connected with us for knowing honest review and within few minutes you will get to know: Is shopping place authentic? Cookymall is among one of those online shopping places that sell sports-related items at the lowest costs.


  • Helmets
  • Gloves
  • Tires
  • Jackets &other sports related-items from cookymall


  • URL:
  • Connection: connection of cookymall is secure.
  • Email:
  • Location: not updated.
  • Domain: domain of cookymall was created on 25-august-2021
  • Phone number: 8563026634
  • Owner’s profile: not updated.
  • Return: accepts return on unused, unopened items for thirty days after the items are received.
  • Product prices: manageable.
  • Shipping: cookymall has mentioned that they do not charge-shipping.
  • Shipping time: items are shipped in one-two days.
  • Customers review no reviews.

Cookymall sells items related to sports.

At the starting of this review, we have told you that we will let you know that is it worth shopping from cookymall and the heading of this article is: Is it worth buying sports-related-items from cookymall, as our main focus is to aware you about cookymall so that you may not lose your hard-earned money.

It is not worth buying sports-related items from cookymall!


Cookymall is claiming to offer sports related products. There are so many hidden truths of cookymall which are enough to prove that it is not worth buying from cookymall which we are listing below:

  • Cookymall is not displaying its own domain/website or brand logo instead of this it is displayed motorcycles logo at the website; this creates doubt that why it is not promoting its own logo on its shopping place because whenever you visit any trustworthy online shopping stores like Amazon, Flipkart, myntra, Urbanic, etc, you have seen that they provide its brand logo or website logo at its online store.
  • Connectivity links are given but, the given social connectivity links of cookymall are useless as they will not land you on the cookymall social connectivity page instead of this they will land you back to cookymall shopping place.
  • Shipping information mentioned on cookymall is not clearly mentioned like they have updated that your item will be processed within one or two days depending upon- when they are received.
  • On their contact details, they have updated email but, on their shipping details page, cookymall has mentioned that if your order is urgent you can contact cookymall on and both these emails seem suspicious.
  • The communication methods details updated on cookymall are not real. Email is suspicious and the phone number is also owned by other places of online shopping.


Cookymall is not a legitimate shopping place due to many faults which we have already discussed with you all such as:

  • Owner’s name: missing.
  • Company location: missing.
  • Customer’s review: no-review.
  • Shipping: shipping information is unclear.
  • Payment option: payment option information-not mentioned.
  • Social link: not functioning.
  • Poor interface.
  • Copied content.

Please avoid shopping from cookymall and choose a legit shopping place.

Beware of shopping-store! THANK YOU