Sports are good for you and playing sports can help you to feel healthier, fitter, physically, and mentally strong. Basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and hockey: start playing your favorite-sports by buying sports-goods online. If you are looking for the perfect sports store then, Dear readers! You are at the right destination. Today we will take you to where you will get sports goods but, before you make any purchase from courtsidedrip it’s our responsibility to help you in knowing whether this is a legit or a scam sports store.

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  • URL:
  • Connection of courtsidedrip is: secure
  • The domain of courtsidedrip registered on: 25-September-2021 [you can check-more details on:]
  • Location: unavailable
  • Phone number: unavailable
  • Social connection links: Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook links are available
  • Return: request for return within seventy-two hours
  • Return condition:
  • Shipping: not accurately mentioned
  • Customers review? Unavailable

Will, you really enjoy-shopping from courtsidedrip?

Courtsidedrip is an online sports-store that sells sports-goods at extremely reasonable prices.

Shop by sports:

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Soccer

Courtsidedrip- A Scam sports store!

Courtsidedrip located at is categorized as a scam-sports store:


Useless links Social handle links of Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are available but, the available social-connection links are useless as they will not land you on the right page of courtsidedrip, it will show the Shopify page.

Missing details A lot of details on this shopping platform are missing like their about us section is missing that holds all the details related to the company and its owner apart from this payment gateways details page is also un-available. The owner’s identity plays a major role in identifying the reality of the web site whether it is a genuine shopping destination or a scam. Payment details, proper shipping/refund and return policy, owners detail, company details, etc, all these relevant details are missing.

Sketchy policies courtsidedrip has mentioned sketchy return/ refund/shipping policies, they are not updated properly.

Roughly designed interface of courtsidedrip is roughly designed means this sports store is not maintained-properly.

Can’t able to reach customer support team they are only showing up their e-mail address apart from this there are no-other sources of communication like location and number: updated on courtsidedrip sports store.

Who owns courtsidedrip? It is un-known

Worst score this sports goods store has very worst trust index due to this it has very low-traffic hence, less popularity.

Freshly launched sports store this online-sports store is a freshly launched store and its domain is valid till 25-September-2022 {valid only for one year}


Courtsidedrip is a freshly introduced sports goods online store. After proper research, we lead to an outcome that is a scam sports goods store. We found so many loop-holes on courtsidedrip so, to make your shopping better please do not select courtsidedrip.

Beware of courtsidedrip! Thank you…