Online shopping is so easy and convenient so, nowadays visitors prefer online shopping and they explore many online stores. If you are one of those explorers who want to know about the shopping store then, you are heartily welcome on the website, here you will get a clear image of cozyluver.

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To help the visitors to shop from we are presenting cozyluver com Review, this review holds the honest details of the store so stay connected.

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Cozyluver is a newly introduced, worlds leading store that sells adapters, watches, house and yard products at reasonable prices.

No doubt the store looks like another scam store but why? Before discussing this let’s see the cozyluver store’s positive sides.

The positive image of the store:

  • All the products are ready to ship on time.
  • All items are in stock.
  • Guarantee hundred % satisfaction.
  • Reasonable prices are available.
  • Ship in the fastest possible way. is a scam store, but why?

For knowing why this store is categorized as a scam: Scroll down to check its negative-image.

The negative image of the store:

  • The domain of cozyluver is only two months old. This store is too new so, it is not easy to trust this new- leading online store.
  • You should not trust this company as the company is trying to hide its real identity.
  • An eight-digit fake company address is provided by this company.
  • The owner details of cozyluver are kept private from the visitors.
  • The products have no star ratings.
  • Buyers’ review plays a precious role in verifying the authenticity of the store but there are no reviews yet.
  • The payment gateway icons displayed on the bottom of this leading online store are not clickable.
  • This online store will shut down after one year.
  • There is not returning-address available.
  • The home-page of is not maintained properly.
  • Scamdoc has given a one % index to the store which is a very low rating.
  • A suspicious email address is displayed by cozyluver, which makes this website look scam so, if the buyers will try to connect then they may not respond to them.
  • A lot of cozyluver policies are unclear.
  • This store is not offering multiple payment options.
  • This online store can’t be traced on any social platform.
  • The maximum content of the about us information page is copied.
  • Except for SSL, there are no other security measures.

Bind-Up: is a scam store. Please maintain a distance from the store and share this review, to aware others also.

Not to get scammed the visitors should always check the reviews of their selected shopping store before shopping from it.

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