Did you discover a new shopping website that is running a massive and super sale? Designer dress at half-price? Accessories at 90 percent off? Sounds too fair to be true correct? Each offering a better discount than others but beware, a lot of websites are scam! If you discovered Dealaccept – Another new shopping website then you need to make sure to dig the web-site deeper to know whether it is a legit online store or a new shopping scam.

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Dealaccept.com:  Dealaccept is a new online store that sells tanks, blouses, shirts, sweaters apart from this Dealaccept also sells toys and electronic items at unbelievable prices.


  • URL: https://www.dealaccept.com/
  • Connection of Dealaccept is: secure
  • The domain of Dealaccept, created on: 19-October-2021 [check: whois.com]
  • The domain of Dealaccept will expire on 19-October-2022
  • Email: support@dealaccept.com
  • Address: available[5203- Bernard Dr d Roanoke VA-24018]
  • Number: available[5403249571]
  • Shipping time: ship within seventy-two hour
  • Shipping price: free for items over 50 dollars and 9.95 dollars for items less than 50 dollar
  • Return: thirty days return
  • Customers review? Reviews are un-available

Dealaccept.com: Might be a new scam!

Dealaccept is a women’s online shop that brings you best deals on various items, this shop also provides toys and electronic-products. This online shop is newly opened so, the question is that is this newly opened shop a new shopping scam?

Collection lists:

  • Blouses
  • Tank
  • tunic
  • Electronics
  • Shirts
  • sweaters

Dealaccept located at https://www.dealaccept.com/ is offering best deals on their various products but, will the best deals offered by Dealaccept will scam you? Do dig Dealaccept deeper!

Should you accept Dealaccept deal? You will get the answer to this but, for that, you have to continue reading further because after giving you short description of Dealaccept it’s time to show you the real image of Dealaccept shopping site.

Why? Dealaccept is categorized as a suspicious shop!

Every legit shopping website gives proper details about their owners, for mentioning proper information about its owner every legit website creates about us page for this but, Dealaccept hasn’t mentioned its owner profile on its ‘about us page’

If the customers have any issue related to their product or any other issue they always try to contact the website customers support staff but, here on Dealaccept customers will not get any help from Dealaccept customers-support staff as the mentioned address, number, and email on Dealaccept does not sound real.

Have a look at Dealaccept interface! The interface of this online shop shows that they sell beautifully designed dresses but when you will click on any category it will also show hidden category products like an electronic product. Each category has fewer products that are described improperly.

Dealaccept does not accept orders on” cash on delivery” they only accept PayPal payment.

How to return any product in case of any defect or damage? This is not properly mentioned on the Dealaccept return and refund policy page. Dealaccept is very unclear with its policies.

Customers are not saying anything about Dealaccept as they haven’t placed their review on Dealaccept but, when you will research Dealaccept review then you will find all negative reviews online about this online shop, not even a single website is in favor of Dealaccept so you need to be very careful, Dealaccept might be new scam site for you.

If you smell scam then, dig web site deeper.  Run research for social connectivity page. If you will search the social connectivity page of Dealaccept then, you will not find any connectivity page link on Dealaccept.


Dealaccept is a recently opened shopping website whose domain was, recently registered on: 19-10-2021, right now this shopping website is questionable but, we can’t ignore some other highlights of this shopping website that we found suspicious. After digging Dealaccept website properly we lead to this conclusion that: Dealaccept might be new scam so, please beware of Dealaccept.com website! Thank you…