Can you trust dealsx? Answer this question at the end before this, Read the review till the end then, decide whether you can trust this store or not as this review holds a clear image of continue reading….

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The positive image of the store:

  • Various collections of sneakers and shoes are being displayed on this online-store.
  • Shoes and sneakers are offered by dealsx at keen prices.
  • Offers convenient shipping.
  • Items are refundable & exchanging.
  • Provides a convenient way of shopping.

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After seeing the positive side of dealsx will you recommend it to others? Before recommending this shop to others you should also check the negative side of dealsx and then make decisions whether to recommend dealsx or not.

The negative image of the store:

  • The shoes and sneakers available in this store have no brand.
  • This store advocates fashionable sneakers& shoes at an unrealistic discount.
  • The plus point of this store is that the https-connection is secure by when it comes to the website domain name it was created on 17-august-2021 which is very new and it will remain only for 1-year.
  • The products will not be shipped on “cash on delivery”
  • The name of the products is unclear.
  • Proper and full descriptions of the items are missing.
  • The domain-name of this store is but the logo is not of a similar name.
  • This store is not showing its presence on any social platform.
  • For contacting the customer care team email address is displayed on the contact-information page which is not matching with the business name or domain name. The business address displayed by dealsx is not authentic.
  • Dealsx store promises to offer branded products at the lowest prices but, the products available on the official site do not have any brand.
  • There is no limit in the quantity of shoes and sneakers; this is a negative point of dealsx store.
  • The website information page is not displaying any information related to their owner and company.
  • Dealsx advocates fake promises of providing convenient shopping.
  • This store is not displaying its transaction information page and also there is the absence of a transaction modes icon. This store promises of trustworthy shopping security by how can this website be trusted if there is no cash on delivery option and also the transaction information is missing.
  • After clicking on add to cart option, this website is displaying a notification that please customer select some other products before adding the selected product to your cart! Negative-highlight
  • The review section of the buyers is empty means there are no reviews of the buyer’s yet.


We would like to bind-up Review: by concluding that is not a trustworthy online shop please, stay away from this untrustworthy store.

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