Everyone wants to make their home appealing so that guests would find it relaxing and comfortable. But, due to time constraints, people do not have time to shop for their homes or home-related products… As a result, shopping online is becoming extremely popular among people because it saves time, offers a large range of choices, and allows us to get everything we want while sitting at home.

Today, we’ll notify readers about an online retail store-Delicacykis.com that sells home-related items at affordable costs, such as outdoor and indoor materials, as well as other household items that are used to decorate the home.

What is Delicacykis.com?

Delicacykis is an online shopping retailer that offers household supplies. The website offers its products at retail prices.

The website mostly offers outdoor items, indoor items, fireplace equipment & winter furniture, etc.

Delicacykis offers a wide range of eye-catching and incredible items for both indoor and outdoor use.

Products like; outdoor patio, swing chair, cooking station, dining set, patio gazebo, TV stand with fireplace, sofa set, chair set, etc.

A clearance sale of up to 25% is also provided by the website to their customers. Customers can get 10% off on buying 2 items and up to 25% off on buying 3 items.


URL: https://www.delicacykis.com/

Domain Creation: 31-07-2021

Domain Expiry: 31-07-2022

Company Name: Aimark ltd

Owner Name: Not Mentioned

Registration No: 10853964

Email: customerscontactus@gmail.com

Contact No: Not Available

Company Address: [Chase Business Centre, 39-41 chase side, London, united kingdom, n14 5bp] & [901 Central Florida Pkwy, Suite A-2, Orlando Fl 32824]

Payment Method: Visa, JCB, American Express, Discover, PayPal, etc

Cash on Delivery: Not Accessible

Shipping Method: Standard & VIP shipping

Delivery: Global

Return: 10-day return

Refund/Exchange: If applicable

Pros of Delicacykis.com:

  • A variety of products
  • Sale and discounts on every product
  • Low price
  • Company details are given
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Free shipping
  • Many forms of payment
  • Returns are acceptable
  • Easy refund & exchanges

Cons of Delicacykis.com:

  • Not a secure website
  • Incomplete WHOIS details
  • Website is only registered for a year
  • Owner details are not given
  • Copied content
  • Theft images
  • Copied company details
  • Cash on delivery is not accessible
  • No links to social media
  • Non-operational payment options
  • Return policy is questionable
  • Refund policy is absurd

Is it risky to shop at Delicacykis?

Delicacykis.com is a fraudulent online retailer. The website has so many red flags that it is impossible to trust a website that steals images, material, and other details from other websites.

The website has stolen the name and logo of “The Home Depot,” the United States’ largest home improvement retailer, which sells construction materials and tools at retail pricing.

We’ve already covered some of Delicacyki’s drawbacks, but we’ll go over a few more that will clarify why Delicacykis.com is classified as a scam website and why we don’t suggest shopping there.

  • Copied Content:

The website has copied its content from other websites (Flysensors, DresssoShop, ShopSaveya, AmjeyChemicals, UnfoldlyShop, and so on) because the information provided on the website matches that of other sites that have already been determined to be scam websites.

  • Stolen Company Details:

The website’s information regarding their company and workplace is copied from another website that has already been identified as a scam.

The company address, name, registration number, and other details are all copied and identical to other websites such as PumpkinLifes, FreeChills, Pewhome, Netheo, and Doralulu, Grisset, Amethystly, Southood, Arrayla, Ebayded, Popsalie, Helcyoon, Pesttro, Natebow, Repaireb, Angelacd, Sugaecan, Aquivers, Hunttro,  Saliea, Nattessy, Zoneui, Lagoey, QuncsTop, Lersly, etc.

  • Lifted Images:

The website’s theme and images are entirely plagiarized from other websites. You can also check to see if all of the photos, including the theme, have been copied.

  • Copied “About Us” Page:

The website’s “About Us” page is copied from another shopping website called Mssugar.

Even after copying the information, the website does not bother to change the name to its own.


Based on all of the reasons explained above, we confirmed Delicacykis.com as a fraudulent shopping website.

You can also visit our website’s scam section (nothingends.com) if you’re looking for more information on scams and if you find our written articles helpful, please share them with your friends and family. “Thank you.”