As you are all aware, there are numerous online websites that trade in women’s clothing and other accessories, but is an online website that deals with men’s accessories and clothing items.

However, is a scam site that sells men’s clothing products and other necessary items all over the globe.

In this article, we will give you every single detail about the website that will help you know why we called a scam site.


Dellyins is a shopping website that trades its product globally. The website is based on men’s clothing and other items.

The website offers many interesting discount offers for the customers. Up to 30% discounts are available on the products displayed on the website.

What do Dellyins sell? sells different men’s clothing items for different occasions and seasons. A wide range of items is available on the website according to men’s necessities whether it is regarding clothes, shoes, or other accessories. They sell every item at suitable prices and discounts.

Here is the list of products that Dellyins is selling:

  • Tops (Men’s shirts, T-shirts, Jackets & Tapestry Crewneck)
  • Sweatshirts
  • Shorts

  • Men’s Bottoms (Jeans, Hot shorts, Sports shorts, Cargo pants & Casual pants)
  • Fashion Sets (Long sleeves set & Shorts suit)
  • Accessories (Hats, Caps & Rings)

What kind of discounts does offer?

Dellyins offers customers very extensive discount deals on every single product. There are various types of offers available in the products. They also offer discounts on coupon codes as well as they also give concessions on the first order.

  • 8% off on the first order [code: NEW8]
  • $10 off on $79 items [code: N10]
  • $15 off on the items over $119 [code: N15]

  • $20 off on items up to $169 [code: N20]
  • $30 off over the items worth $229 [code: N30]

Details provided by

Website URL:

Creation-Expiry Date: 20-08-2021/ 20-08-2022


Return Date: 30 days

Refund Date: 7-5 days (if applicable)

Payment: Maestro, Master Card, Visa & PayPal

Social Media: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram

Company Name: Mjm Ouros

Registration No: 814001541

Address: 2 Square Saint Marsal 66100 Perpignan France

Imp. Note: The address, company name, and registration number provided by Dellyins are matched to some other sites that are already proven scam websites. Some of the websites are even closed today after they are concluded as scam sites.

Some of the websites are: nobetskin, gozely, miafairy, delmerman, boutiqueidea, suwardrobe, heyllike, mominde, comstrilly, bohovp, siciilyshop, omininow, bohodesigner, evanliney

Merits of Dellyins:

  • Amazing clothes and accessories suitable for men
  • Big discount deals
  • 50% discounts on products
  • Coupon codes available on products
  • Easy return & refunds
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Sale is also available
  • Social media links are available

Demerits of Dellyins:

  • Hidden details about the owner
  • No record in WHOIS database
  • Freshly created internet site
  • Copied images
  • Copied addresses from other sites
  • Shady policies about returns & refunds
  • No COD
  • The website is going to close within a year

Reasons why we do not recommend dellyins: is a fake shopping website and we do not suggest shopping from this site.

We have found out so many negative points about the website that proves it as a fake shopping store. Below are some of the points that let us to the conclusion of Dellyins being a fake site.

  • The website does not provide information about its owner and any other details that will help to know about the website’s legitimacy.
  • We looked upon WHOIS records and found out that the site does not give any details except the creation and expiry date of the site in the WHOIS database.
  • The pages available on the site do not hold any information regarding the website.
  • Lucrative offers are given in every product.
  • Shady policies regarding a return, refund, and exchange of the products.

At last, we’d like to point out that there is a multitude of scam websites on the internet that make enticing offers solely to trick people.

As a result, we always advise people to avoid such websites. Also, take a look at some of our other scam site reviews:

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