Delmerman is a newly developed online shopping site so, a lot of visitors are curious to know whether this is a legit or another scam shopping site. There are a lot of things that the visitors should know about this shopping site which are addressed in this post.

Delmerman com is a newly introduced shopping site that offers various collections of clothing and fashion products including bags, jewelry, shoes, health and beauty products at attractive prices like contrast mini dress at $33.99, contrast print loose women dress at $34.99, sleeveless big swing mini dress at $37.99, and many more such collections of clothing products.

With the attractive prices, this shopping site also has an attractive layout. This website is filled with attractive products but, please do not fall for its attractive design as there are many shopping sites that look attractive but, in reality, they scam shopping sites.

We find this shopping site suspicious due to some reasons that are listed down:

  • Before starting shopping from this site it is necessary to check the full reviews of this shopping site as this is a new site for online shopping that is registered a few months ago and will expire soon.
  • This site for online shopping has social media links but they are not linked with this online store.
    Customers review plays the main role in identifying the real online shop and this website has customer reviews but all those reviews are positive and most of the scam shopping sites show all positive reviews to catch the eyes of the visitors. When we checked the online reviews of the website then we saw all negative reviews of this shopping platform! Scam alert.
  • All the items of Delmerman com have full ratings which seem suspicious these ratings might be their own ratings.

  • Visitors can buy more quantities of products as much as they wish to buy as there is no limitation on the products; this is not a sign of a real shopping site. Only fake shopping sites do not offer any limitations on their every product.
  • This website has not revealed its company detail and also the owner’s details.
  • Models’ faces of this shopping site are invisible; this indicates that this is a scam platform.
  • Suspicious and improper communication details are listed on Delmerman com.
  • The business address is provided but, the providing address is not available for product returning.


After doing a lot of research on Delmerman com we bind our review by announcing this shopping site as another scam seller, due to much suspicious information found about this shopping site, which we have discussed with all our visitors.