You all would have definitely heard about dengue? Of course yes, dengue is a very worst and painful viral infection that is spreaded by the mosquitoes, this viral infection attacks millions of individuals in a globe every year.

Dengue Symptoms

  • High fever
  • Skin rash
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain and nausea
  • Pain behind the eyes

To treat dengue fever at time all you need is to take a special care of yourself, for controlling and managing the symptoms of this viral infection here are few powerful home remedies that will really help you to lower down the dengue fever and these remedies will also provide you calm and relaxation.

Home remedies- dengue fever

Papaya leaves juice

The platelet slows down while suffering from dengue so to increase the platelets you should add papaya leaves juice to your treatment for curing from dengue.

Papaya leaves juice stimulates the immunity because of vitamin C present in it in higher quantity.

Papaya leaves juice also eliminates toxins and also due to antioxidant – nature papaya leaves lessens the stress. Pluck few papaya- leaves and crush those papaya leaves to collect some juice out of it, and then drink papaya leaves juice for at least five-times in a day.

Neem leaves

Neem leaves tastes very bitter so I know no one likes to consume it but if you want to cure dengue then you should definitely consume neem leaves during this viral infection.

You all may have heard this that the food that do not taste good or tastes bitter then that food is the best and effective for your health similarly, neem leaves does not tastes good but it is really good and efficient for health, especially during dengue so consume neem leaves during dengue and also neem is popularly known for its medicinal nature.

Take a container and boil water, after boiling water seep four or five neem leaves to it, let it boil for few minutes and then drink this water. Neem leaves will enhance the blood- platelet, and WBC (white- blood cells) count.


Giloy has the nature of curing any type of diseases. Giloy is also used for controlling any type of fever. Giloy is the most beneficial herb for curing dengue fever.

Giloy builds strong immunity it also battle infection. Boil a few quantities of Giloy stems and ingest this Giloy water when it will be little warmer.

If you want then you can even add some drop of its juice into a glass of lukewarm water and then have this drink at least twice times a day.

Over consumption of Giloy juice can be dangerous for you so please try not to over- consume it.

Consume food that boosts immunity

A well built immunity will definitely help you in curing the dengue fever quickly so, if you want to recovery from this viral infection quickly then you need to consume foods that boost immunity.

Building a strong immunity also prevents the initial- symptoms of dengue. For fast recovery add ‘immunity boosting food’ to your diet.


Basil is a medicinal herb that not only cure dengue-fever, but basil also builds the overall strong- immunity and basil also fight against infections. Basil is an efficient treatment for this viral-infection so, all you can do is to chew some basil leaves or you can boil the basil-leaves along with the black- pepper and consume this drink.

Hydrate yourself

Dehydration is the major problem found in a dengue so, you should ensure this that you consume a lot of liquid to keep yourself ‘hydrated’, this helps in detoxification and diminish muscles cramp and also headache.

Important remedy

The most beneficial remedies for curing dengue fastly is goat milk so, add goat milk to your daily dengue treatment.