Are you searching for review? If yes, then you have visited the right place to know all the details about the e-mart-Discountemart.

As you are all aware, there are numerous shopping websites available on the internet, some of which sell clothing, jewelry, and home and kitchen items.

But today we’ll notify you about a website that sells first latest gadgets at heavy discounts.

And if you are also fond of new gadgets, then might have been a good website for you; however, before you buy anything, you should first learn about some important facts about this website.

About- Discountemart is an e-commerce shopping store mart that provides customers with the latest and hi-tech gadgets at discounted rates.

The products available on the website are fitness watches, smartwatches, gaming consoles, play station, headsets, Xbox, speakers, smart TV, kindle, etc.

Most of the products sold by the website are at discounts.

Details: Discountemart


Company Name: Not Given

Contact: Not Available

Address: 1770 21st Street Boulder CO US 80302


WHOIS LOOKUP: is registered on 08-10-2021. The website is newly registered and it will be expired next year on the same day and month on 08-10-2021.

On the WHOIS database, the website has provided their Country, postal code, address, phone number, and email address.

However, the email address of the website is hidden by some privacy

But the details provided on the WHOIS records matched exactly from another shopping website-

Both websites’ WHOIS information is copied from one another. The website’s creation and expiry dates are also identical, as well as the theme and products demonstrated on the website.

You can also confirm the details of these two websites by going to “

Our Recommendation: and are both scam shopping marts. Both of the websites have different domains, but they both look the same and have the same themes. Both websites sell similar goods, and their details are also similar.

Both of these websites are bogus. These two websites are identical; even their personally identifiable information is also similar.

As a result, we recommend you avoid both of these websites and stay cautious when visiting them. Share this overview with others to make them aware of similar frauds.

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