When purchasing online, visitors should take some extra care as the cases of online purchasing scams are increasing. By keeping online purchasing scams in mind you need to research about dsenull.com before ordering anything from this newly added online purchasing site.

Dsenull.com Review: Real or site launched by the scammers?

Here are the answers of all questions related to dsenull.com site which will clear whether dsenull.com is real or site launched by the scammers.

Is dsenull.com an authentic site?

  • It seems like dsenull is not an authentic site.

How? Let’s figure out

Always try to figure out the owners’ name. This is main sign of an online shopping scam that they do not show owners’ name.

  • Who owns dsenull.com? Not known.

 Domain Age

The domain age of dsenull is short. Scammers design scam purchasing site whose, domain only valid for 1-year {short domain age}

  • The domain of dsenull is too new.
  • Domain registration date: 12-03-2022
  • Domain expiry date: 12-03-2023

Are you dealing with a real shopping place?

If a company is not providing its business proper details including owners’ name, location and emails address then, you are not dealing with a right shopping place.

  • Email address: suspicious email address available
  • Location: location is mentioned on dsenull but, the mentioned location is not real
  • Owners’ name: not revealed

Customers’ policies

  • Customers’ policies of dsenull are shady.

Is dsenull.com using a trusted transaction gateway?

  • Transaction gateway of dsenull.com is not trustworthy.
  • Cash on delivery: no option

Customers & Expert feedback

  • Expert feedback from a trustworthy website is the best way to know the site authenticity so always check expert feedback.
  • Dsenull has no expert feedback.
  • Customer’s feedback also gives an idea whether the product or company is good or not. This site has no feedback from the customers.


We do not recommend dsenull.com site.  What’s your view on dsenull? No mention on nothing ends comment-section.