Is choosing eessih located at as your online shopping destination an excellent choice? Here you will see clear picture of eessih e-store which will help you in knowing whether it is a smart move of choosing this e-store or not?

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  • Url:
  • Shipping: Shipping prices vary according to shipping type.
  • Return: accepts return within three days after item delivery or thirty days after items shipment.
  • com address: unavailable.
  • Domain: The domain of was registered on:- 9-April-2021
  • Eessih number: unavailable.
  • Eessih owner profile: not revealed.
  • Trust index: very-bad
  • Online reviews of Eessih are: negative.
  • Reviews of customers: Eessih has fewer reviews.
  • Transaction: accepts PayPal- payment mode.
  • Items: few items are displayed.
  • Social media links: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter links are available.
  • Eessih connection: Secure.
  • Email id:

Do checkout review properly! is categorized as a fake e-store:


  • This store hasn’t categorized its products in any appropriate category.
  • There are not many varieties of products available on eessih e-store.
  • Since its launch date, Eessih has not maintained its store properly.
  • The items of Eessih are not named properly and even the prices of the products are not mentioned.
  • After clicking on the items you will not get any details of the items like their prices, quantity limitation, etc. only one or two reviews of the products could be visible on Eessih.

  • Copied Shipping police content found on eessih.
  • Return and exchange policies are also not appropriately mentioned.


After deep research on, we came to a conclusion that: is a fake- e-store. This e-store does not have user-friendly interface. Choosing this shopping hub would be the worst choice ever as this e-store is not real.

Negative Highlights:

  • Since April-2021 this store has not maintained its e-store appropriately.
  • Only a single contacting mode is displayed on Eessih that is its email address but the given mail address does not match with Eessih e-store or domain name.
  • Right now only four lightsabers are presented on Eessih which is not labeled properly with the brand name, quantity, and price.
  • Social connectivity link-available on Eessih will not land its customers on their social page as the connectivity links are not appropriate.
  • About us, page details of eessih are also copied from other scam shopping hubs.
  • The owner & company-profile of Eessih are not updated on this shopping hub.
  • This store does not have relevant products but still, they have got a five out of five-star rating which symbolizes that this is not a relevant shopping destination.

Please beware of the fake store.

Thank you…