Enmtw com is a relatively new online scam seller that is introducing its store by fraudulently using the yeti brand to promote its products. This web-site Sells branded company coolers but this is not a legit website, stay connected to know why this is a scam seller.

Like Enmtw com there is more such scam yeti online store such as:





Think before buying coolers from this scam store due to the following listed highlights of this store:

  • Coolers quantity is unlimited.
  • The real identity of Enmtw is hidden like the foundation date, business address, founder name, and number.
  • Provides coolers at unrealistic rates.
  • Misusing yeti brand-name.
  • Relatively new web site.
  • Lowest trust score.
  • The content and theme of this website are copied, which is matching with other scam-sites.
  • Inaccurate and copy email address.
  • Contains no customer’s review
  • Social connectivity links are not accessible.
  • Without getting in touch with the customer service, the returning of the products will not be accepted but, when the shoppers will try to contact the customer service then they will not receive any response as they haven’t shared their business contact number and address, even the email provided is inaccurate.


We lead to a conclusion that shopping from Enmtw com is not safe so, for healthier and happy shopping please stay away from this scam store.

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