Before buying wreaths from any online wreath seller, be careful! A lot of wreath scam stores are emerging so you should check the wreath seller’s review carefully before preferring it. Like other wreath scam stores etsyrooms is also another scam store selling wreaths at unbelievable costs. Want to know more about this wreath seller? Then stay connected, till the end.

With the excess demand for wreaths, shopping scammers are fooling buyers by introducing multitudes of scam wreath stores such as,

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Etsyrooms is an online wreath seller. Unique and floral design wreaths and home décor items are presented on this online store at affordable prices. This post will cover up all the positive and negative highlights of etsyrooms store.

Positive highlights:

  • Unique design wreaths and home décor products are displayed in this store.
  • The Products will ship faster.
  • Offers worldwide product shipping.
  • The products have high qualities.

Do you want to décor your home by giving it a spring feeling? Then, instead of considering estyrooms prefer other online sellers for decorating your home now; you may be thinking what’s the reason behind this?

Continue Reading… is considered as another scam wreath seller and all the wreaths available on this seller are provided at unrealistic costs with faster and worldwide shipping.

Negative Highlights:

  • Pictures of wreaths are copied from other fake stores.
  • Social links like Twitter, Facebook InstaGram links are displayed on etsyrooms but those links are not connecting on any social page.
  • The theme and overall design of the store is matching with fraud wreath store.
  • This store is exactly the same as etsygardens and bxirt.
  • The overall content of etsyrooms is copied.
  • The Product billing method of this seller is not secure.
  • Buyers haven’t placed any review on this store.
  • The logo displayed on etsyrooms is not clearly visible.
  • The about-us page of etsyrooms is exactly the same as bxirt & etsyrooms, only their owners’ name is different, but the other information is copied.
  • Proper details of the owner are missing.
  • It is a newly crafted store just like other fraud stores i.e. bxirt and etsygardens, all these fraud stores are crafted in the same year, and the domain of all these fraud stores is valid for 1-year only.
  • Do a search>all the online reviews shared by other sites are not in favor of etsyrooms.
  • Like other fraud sites, there are no limitations on the number of wreaths.
  • Return & return policies are exactly copied from other stores.
  • Products are not delivered on cash on delivery.
  • The email address of etsyrooms is not similar to its domain name, the same email-address is also visible on etsygardens [wreath scam store], and apart from this there is no other way of communication is visible.

 Bind-up: is a new fraud online store; this wreath seller is trying to fool innocent buyers.

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