Evaneich.com is a newly opened air Jordan brand store but, before buying shoppers should read this Evaneich review to know the legitimacy of this Jordan brand store.

Suspicious store!

Negative signals were detected on Evaneich such as:

  • The domain of Evaneich.com is too new.
  • Who owns Evaneich.com? Not Known.
  • Online reviews of Evaneich are unfavorable.
  • Visitors’ reviews for Evaneich & its products are missing.
  • The email location of Evaneich is not domain specific.
  • The contact number & location of Evaneich are missing.
  • The trust level of Evaneich is low.

Evaneich located at: https://evaneich.com/ is a suspicious Jordan brand store hence, we do not recommend Evaneich.