You may have received a link which claims that the Flipkart website is offering free gifts on its fifteenth anniversary but are they really offering such offers or is the link given is Fake?  Stay connected to this article because many users have been cheated through Flipkart 15th anniversary scam and their personal details also have been leaked and even the bank details by clicking on the fake-link so, this article is very important.

You may have surveyed this scam but, when you will check the official website of Flipkart then you will see that they are not offering such offers.

Flipkart 15th anniversary celebration is a scam in which you will get 4 questions and after that, you will get some gift card boxes and by clicking it at least 3 times then you receive a message i.e. congratulation you will have a chance to win MI 11 and then they will tell you to share it to 20 more people. Even if you will not share it then also it will show you the full sharing percentage but, we request you not to follow all the given instructions so, beware of this please do not trust this as this is a scam deal.

Do not complete this online survey otherwise, you will get into the trap of hackers.

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