After a hectic schedule, all of us wish to have a good night sleep; the complexities in our lives leave us exhausted and also stressful so it is very important for us to have a better night sleep so that our mind remains stress-free and body relaxed hence, for a good night sleep do these simple things that we have addressed in this post.

Always wash your eyes:

Before sleeping wash your eyes with cold-water, keep your eyes wide-open, washing your eyes will help you to eliminate all the dirt from your eyes, which may have entered into your eyes all day.

Brush! Brush! Brush your teeth:

Food particles remain stuck into your teeth so, for removing these stucked food particles brush! Brush! Brush your teeth brush daily before sleep.


Before going to bed all you need is a smiling face, not a depressing face so, for that you should stop watching frightening and depressing shows, and instead of this, you should start watching entertaining shows that may bring a smile on your face.

Go through inspirational books:

You should go through motivational or inspirational books don’t go through thrillers. Reading motivational and inspirational books will infuse optimism inside you.

Use natural milk-cleanser:

If you want clear-skin then use a natural milk-cleanser. We all struggle for getting clear skin and this simple trick may help you in this. All you need is to dip cotton-ball in milk and apply it as a face-cleanser instead of using face-wash.

Use coconut oil:

For minimizing your dark circle’s appearance from your face start using coconut oil. For this, on your under-eye portion, you have to dap coconut-oil.

Lip balm:

For maintaining healthy and soft lips lip- balm is must. You must have hydrated-lips every time.   You can select your lip-balm or you can prepare your own natural-lip balm. For preparing your natural balm you need you can use almond oil, virgin coconut oil, castor oil, and many more such natural ingredients.