Fvnayo is a freshly registered online shopping mall! Do check out this shopping mall Review to know whether it is a legit or scam shopping mall.

Fvnayo.com: Fvnayo online shopping mall is claiming to sell basketball equipment, men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, shoes, and more items at least prices.

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Fvnayo Highlights:

  • Varieties of items for men’s & women’s are available on this mall.
  • Provides free item shipping over 50 dollars.
  • Shipping for items under dollar 50 is $9.95
  • Shopper satisfaction is the top priority.
  • Shoppers have to pay their amount only through PayPal.
  • Fvnayo gives thirty days return warranty.
  • Fvnayo is using a secure connection.
  • Offering an exclusive discount on items.

Is Fvnayo a scam? Is Fvnayo a legit shopping mall? You will get your answer within few-minutes after checking out Fvnayo Review.

Categories of Fvnayo shopping mall products:

  • Basketball equipment
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Men’s clothing
  • Men’s shoes

Is Fvnayo a scam shopping mall?

To know about Fvnayo legitimacy within few minutes do, checkout Fvnayo negative highlights.

#negative highlight-1

The domain of Fvnayo is freshly registered so, it will be too earlier to trust a newly registered shopping-mall.

#negative highlight-2

This company is hiding its real identity by not revealing its owners and company details so this shopping mall can’t be trusted.  Company & owners details are a big deal, only real online shopping mall shows their real identity by revealing its owner and also company details.

#negative highlight-3

Items can be purchased from Fvnayo in an unlimited quantity, by seeing their bulk buying options do not get too excited! You may not have an idea that scam shopping mall provides such options to attract their visitors.

#negative highlight-4

  • The user’s interface of Fvnayo is very bad.
  • Items of Fvnayo shopping mall do not have any brand.
  • Fvnayo has a low rating.
  • Fvnayo is the least indexed shopping mall.
  • According to scamdoc Fvnayo has got very worst trust index i.e. one percent.
  • This shopping mall does not have any social media connections.
  • The description and content of the items are not mentioned properly.

#negative highlight-5

When you buy an item from any online shopping what is the very first thing that you check about that product? We know your answer will be its review but on this shopping mall you will not even get a single review on any items hence; Fvnayo shopping mall can’t be trusted.

#negative highlight-6

All communication modes are visible on this shopping mall such as its telephone number, email id, and address of the company but when you will try to connect with the customer-support team of Fvnayo then, they will be not available for you as all these communication modes are not real.


We would like you cover-up this Fvnayo.com Review by announcing this shopping mall as a scam shopping mall, due to the above addressed negative highlights.

We have completed our promise that within few minutes you will get to know Fvnayo shopping mall legitimacy but still, if you have any doubt regarding this then you can triple check this shopping mall and its online reviews.