GameeLucky Store is an online shopping website that sells various gaming items like; Play Station, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, etc items at very low prices.

Gameelucky is a suspicious shopping website that is on-trend on the internet for its low-cost items. The website also offers its products at very high discounts.


Website’s Specific:


Domain Registration Date: 05-11-2021

Domain Expiry Date: 05-11-2022

Company Name: Not Available

Owner Name: Not Given

Contact No: +1- (860) 669-8899


Address: 1005 Noel Ct Brewster NY10509 United States

Cash on Delivery: Not Accessible

Payment Methods: PayPal, Visa, American Express, etc

Social Media Links: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Shipping: worldwide

Return: Within 30 days

Refunds: If Applicable

Points that will clear your doubts about Gameelucky and why we do not recommend shopping from this website:

  • Newly domain registration:

The domain of the website- Gameelucky is newly registered on the online market on 05-11-2021. Only two days ago the website is freshly launched as a shopping website.

On 05-11-2022, the registration of the website domain will be expired and the site will be demolished from the online portal.

  • Incomplete WHOIS details:

The details provided by the website on the WHOIS database are incomplete. The website fails to provide any legit details regarding the owner, work, and company on the WHOIS records.

The only details that are given on the WHOIS database are the creation and the expiry date of the website domain. All of the other details are hidden on the database and no other significant details are given by the website.

  • Copied content and information:

The website has copied some of the information and other content and images from another website named- Coolegamee

All of the images that are displayed on Gameelucky are similar to the Coolegamee website as well as the address and contact details are also matched.

  • Useless social media links:

The website has provided social media links of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc on the home page of the website.

The links provided on the website page are completely useless because none of the given links are working.

  • Futile methods of payment:

PayPal, Master Card, Visa & American Express are the payment options provided by the website on their homepage. But the given payment methods are futile because the website only allows their customers to pay via PayPal.

Also, the website does not provide any cash on delivery to its customers.

  • Doubtful policy for return & refunds:

The website provides its customers with a 30-day return policy but the policy of return and refund is quite doubtful.

The website accepts refunds, exchanges, and returns on its products if the process is suitable to the website’s policy.

The refund and exchange process is only applicable to the returned products if the customers fulfill the criteria given by the website for returning the products.

Final Verdict:

We have already mentioned all of the important points regarding Gameelucky that will clear all of your doubts regarding the legitimacy of the website.

Although, the website- is not recommended by us and it is a suspicious shopping website because the website lacks a lot of important details as we as it has hidden many significant data regarding the company/website on the Homepage and in the WHOIS database.

The website is only registered as a shopping website on the internet for a year. Most of the details are also copied from other websites and are similar to each other.

As a result, we always advise people to be aware of and cautious of websites like Gameelucky and Coolegamee.