is a shopping store that works on an online platform. The website mostly deals with shoes and other footwear for both men and women.

The website appears to be very genuine from the outside but let’s found out if it is actually a genuine website or another scam.

About Gioiacombo is an online retailer of footwear and other accessories in the online market.

There are so many products available on the website page for both men women and kids. The website also sells many other items that are necessary for everyday life.

The website sells:

  • Footwear’s
  • Clothes
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Home décor

  • Tools
  • Halloween items
  • Jeweleries
  • Accessories

The products displayed on the website are all provided at low rates. They are also giving butterfly anklets for free on sandals over € 50.

Website Classification:


WHOIS Data: No records are found

Contact No: +8617050881647

Address: 1002t-05, building a, building 8, Hubin Commercial Plaza, No. 55, Suzhou Changzhou highway (Mocheng section), Changshu, China


Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest

Payment mode: Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

Cash on Delivery: Not available

Worldwide shipping: Available

Return Policy: 14 days

Is Gioiacombo legit? is not a legit website and it is not safe for shopping also. The website hides so many important details from their customers about their work.

We are updating some points that will help you to know why we do not recommend Gioiacombo for shopping.

  • No WHOIS Database:

We have searched about the website details on WHOIS data but we are unable to find any detail regarding the website.

  • Fake address & contact details:

The address and contact details provided by the website are fake and copied from some other websites that are already justified as scam sites.

Those website are: shecustom, hibote, jagute, aieruma, justplaytoy, hackcute, Unionsshop

Also, take a look at some of the other reviews about some other bogus shopping sites:

boatsoutlet, fvnayo, vldwso, sifirear, sozida, omnienter, lodyns, kfgov, ulsipe, artinholo


  • Payment services are not usable:

The payment options provided by the website are not accessible. The website has provided many forms of payment but they are not usable. You cannot use the payment methods. The only mode of payment is PayPal. Customers are only able to make transactions by creating a PayPal account.

  • Cash on delivery is not accessible:

The website does not allow their customers with cash on delivery service. The customers are only allowed to make transactions by PayPal account.

  • Shady shipping & return policy:

The shipping, delivery, and return policy of the website is very sketchy. Worldwide shipping is also available on its products but the customers have to pay some shipping charges for delivering their items to their destination.

The website also provides a 14-day return policy to its customers. The return and refund policy of the website claims that:

  • Items must be in their original packaging
  • Items must have their original receipts, invoice, and tags attached
  • Customers have to pay charges for returning their item
  • Items on the “Sale” category are non-returnable and non-refundable
  • The customer must send proof (photo or video) of the returned product


The website Gioiacombo is not recommended by us. From the outside, the website appears to be genuine, but we discovered numerous factors that the credibility of the website.

However, we have already covered all of the key information about the website’s transparency, which will help you understand why we do not recommend this site for shopping.

We request that you avoid shopping at