We have spotted a suspicious e-store named gohomiee.com which is trying to scam you by offering exclusive discounts and fake deals. Why we have announced this store as a suspicious e-store? For this continue reading gohomiee review.

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Gohomiee is an exclusive e-store which is selling items such as women’s v-neck t-shirt, combo shirts + caps, and hoodies at the least prices.


  • Url: https://gohomiee.com/
  • Shipping: The shipping fee varies depending on the order shipping destination and the number of items.
  • Shipping time: ten-fifteen days.
  • Return: it accepts return if you want.
  • Gohomiee address: 814 mission street suit-600 san Francisco California 84103-US
  • Gohomiee number: not given.
  • Gohomiee owner-profile: unrevealed.
  • Item quantities: limitless item quantities are offered by gohomiee.
  • Reviews of shoppers: no reviews.
  • Domain date: domain of gohomiee was registered on:-5-July-2021
  • Transaction mode: PayPal.
  • Items: poorly defined.
  • Social media links: given.
  • Email id: support@gohomiee.com
  • Return-condition: do not accept product return due to customer error like an incorrect selection of product size, colors, design, etc.
  • Gohomiee connection: Secure.

Gohomiee is a suspicious e-store!

Gohomiee has mentioned various collections of orders such as:

  • Birthday gifts
  • Cancer awareness 2021
  • Classic cap
  • Halloween 2021
  • Breast cancer warrior
  • We wear pink 2021
  • 3D pink collection
  • 2D pink collection
  • Survivor collection
  • Veterans day collection

All the collections mentioned are not displayed properly and some collection does not have that product that they have mentioned in their collections.

Gohomiee e-store can’t be trusted quickly as this e-store is suspicious.


  • Gohomiee has got very bad indexing.
  • The domain age of gohomiee is less than two months and the domain will disappear in one year.
  • The customer service of gohomiee is not excellent.
  • The service provided by gohomiee does not seem good.
  • According to-scamdoc gohomiee has got one %cent indexing.
  • Gohomiee has got bad indexing.
  • This store hasn’t mentioned proper descriptions of their displayed items.
  • You can’t follow gohomiee on any social media as they haven’t promoted their e-store on any social-media.
  • Customers will not find customer-support-staff number on this e-store.
  • This e-store seems poorly designed.
  • Shoppers can’t find proper business address.
  • It is not easy to find out this company return/privacy/refund/cancellation/exchange policy as they are not clearly updated on gohomiee.
  • When you will do transactions, this e-store will not allow you to do transaction on cash on delivery.
  • You will not find out gohomiee company & owner profile.
  • You will not view any reviews of customers as the reviews are unavailable.


After doing proper research on gogomiee.com store we have spotted that gohomiee is a suspicious site so, please protect yourself from gohomiee.

At the end of this article, we want to suggest you that please be very carefully before you shop from gohomiee and other e-stores as the e-store you find might be fraud e-store.