Goshopkate.com is an online handbag store that sells different brands handbags at a manageable cost but, before buying handbags from Goshopkate read this review to know the legitimacy of this handbag store.

Goshopkate.com Review: Scam or legit store?

Is it a legit store?

Goshopkate is selling Saint Laurent, LOUIS VUITTON, GUCCI, Dior & Goyard handbags. Here are the negative & positive points of Goshopkate.

Positive Points:

  • According to scamadviser, the trust level of Goshopkate.com is high.
  • The connection of Goshopkate is secure.

Negative Points:

  • Who owns Goshopkate.com? Not Known.
  • Expert reviews for Goshopkate are missing.
  • The contact methods of Goshopkate.com look fishy, as the contact location of this store is also owned by some other platforms.
  • The email location of Goshopkate is not domain specific.

Goshopkate located at: https://goshopkate.com/ is a suspicious store, hence, we do not recommend Goshopkate.