Have this thought ever comes to your mind that how the people in the past cure different disease, infection and illness? In earlier times, People used to rely on natural remedies for treatment and to improve their overall health. Many people have not only turned to organic products but they are also searching for home remedies to treat disease or illness. In the current situation when cough, fever, cold, and flu are common and serious concerns. There are several natural remedies that are circulating everywhere. By using different remedies, a lot of people got good results while some people feel that they are misleading because some natural remedies have not been proven scientifically, but let us tell you this that it will be not harmful to seeking them at least two or three times.

There is one such home remedy that is gaining attention that is onion. Across the globe, onion is that vegetable that is easily and commonly available. There are a lot of health benefits of onions but in today’s article we will tell you that sleeping with onions overnight on the feet is helpful for treating cold or flu, but how? For this you have to scroll down so, let’s begin to scroll down.

Putting onion on your feet this sounds really odd, but you will be surprised when you come you know about its benefits by reading our article.

For this you just have to do a simple step i.e. slice the white or red onion into round now, place this round sliced onion under your feet and then put your socks after this go to sleep and keep it overnight. In the morning when you will wake up then take those onion slices out of your socks and throw them.

One of the most popular and thought to be hundred years old home remedies is to cure flu and infection by using onions. This is the natural remedy that suggests you that if you have any symptoms of flu & cold that place freshly chopped slices of onion at night beneath your feet.

It seems really weird to sleep with sliced onion beneath the feet but, a lot of people find it really beneficial. There are points under your feet that have a direct link to all the internal-organs present in your body these points are known as “meridian points” it is believed that all these points contain a significant electrical property and stimulating them may help to alleviate distress in various parts of the body. One of the best techniques to stimulate these points is to place onion that are sliced on the sole of the feet in this way the bacterial properties of onion will come into the contact with these points, providing relief, therefore, onion makes sense to treat flu and cold. The healing properties of onion help you in curing but, there is no scientific evidence to support it some people have also reported that putting sliced onion under the feet helps reduce certain forms of nuisance such as pins and needles.


As far as sleeping with onion in your socks is concerned, it will not hurt you but chances are that it won’t help you, either as there is no scientific evidence found to support it, if you are looking for relief from congestion and cold follow the advice of your doctor and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can add raw onions to your diet it will boost the immune system and its healing nature will help you to recover.