Before stepping into the world of style or fashion with heluns check out the review. Women do a lot of online shopping and there are lots of women’s online shopping sites all over the world of internet. Before you choose your online fashion closet first, carefully check out its review to know if the online-fashion closet is a scam or legit?

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The list of women’s clothing and accessories is long as is providing huge-collection of women’s fashion products at good prices.

List of items:

  • Mini dresses
  • Maxi dresses
  • Jumpsuits
  • Casual dresses
  • Linen pants
  • Accessories
  • Blouses

Heluns online store is claiming to offer various fashion apparel for women’s but, they are also offering men’s outwear at reasonable prices.


  • URL:
  • Domain: domain of heluns was created on: 10-June-2021
  • Email:
  • Connection: connection of heluns is secure.
  • Location: 344354 grays inn. Road London greater London, England WCIX-8BP {not product returning-address}
  • Owner’s info: not updated.
  • Payment: pay with PayPal.
  • No: 12560187
  • Social links: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook links are updated.
  • Return: accepts-product return within fourteen-days.
  • Shipping: shipping-cost is free over dollar 69
  • Shipping method & cost: shipping method and cost may vary for items’ delivery destination.
  • Customer reviews? Not available. Untrustworthy women’s online fashion store!

Heluns located at is categorized as an untrustworthy women’s fashion store:


Designs-do not exist: they are providing products designs that do not exist in their store.

Brand- selection: women’s fashion apparel is not tagged with popular brand- names.

Men’s collection: heluns haven’t mentioned on their about us info page that they also offer men’s collection they have mentioned that heluns offers the latest fashion apparel for women’s but have mentioned men’s outwear category and their faces are also cropped! Negative highlight!

Contact-info: contact-info updated on heluns are not genuine like the available heluns company number and location does not specifically belong to this company.

Customers review? There are no reviews of the heluns fashion store visitors. Customer’s reviews must be available on any online store if it is genuine but heluns do not have reviews.

Unknown owner: owner name of heluns is unknown as the owners’ profile is not displayed by heluns on its online fashion store.

NOT easy Return: return will not be accepted by heluns easily, original packaging is must while requesting for return. Customers must email on provided email address but the email address-displayed on heluns does not seem genuine.

Broken-links: heluns women’s fashion-store has broken social-connectivity links.

Our suggestion:

Dear women! Please update your closet with stylish and comfortable items by shopping from a genuine online fashion store. Before you consider any online fashion-destination for choosing the right fashion apparels for yourself do not forget to check its review.

Conclusion: is not a trustworthy women’s online fashion closet so, please avoid choosing heluns fashion store for selecting fashion products for your closet.

Be a happy visitor by visiting a legit online fashion store! Thank you.