Whenever you think of shopping wreath from any online store please make a little effort to check out their reviews as multitudes of fraud wreath sellers are emerging so be very careful! Hihappygo is another wreath scam online store! Do check out Hihappygo.com Review!

Hihappygo.com is the cheapest shopping site selling wreaths. Before you do pay for any order please do read the Hihappygo.com review carefully to know the true sides of this shopping store.

Hihappygo.com: Hihappygo is a one-stop destination for buying various collections of wreaths at the cheapest price.

Who owns Hihappygo.com shopping site?

Who owns Hihappygo is not known as the owner profile is not updated on this shopping destination. Genuine shopping sites always update complete owners’ detail but such details of the owner are not updated on Hihappygo.com shopping site.

  • Url: https://www.hihappygo.com/
  • Shipping: free-worldwide shipping.
  • Return policy: no return policy mentioned.
  • Hihappygo address: un-available.
  • Hihappygo contact-number: un-available.
  • Hihappygo owner-profile: not-disclosed.
  • Reviews of customers: contain no customers review.
  • Transaction: not clearly mentioned.
  • Delivery: worldwide delivery of the product.
  • Items: defined in an unclear manner.
  • Social media links: links are un-available.
  • Return-condition: no return policy updated hence, no return conditions.
  • Hihappygo connection: Secure.
  • Email id: no email address.

Hihappygo.com is categorized as a scam wreath store:

Hihappygo.com is an online wreath store created on: 26-august-2021 which is categorized as another fraud store due to several negative highlights found on Hihappygo which are addressed below.


Hihappygo shopping site is similar to:

The biggest fraud sign of this shopping site is that all the important data are missing and even owners and company profile page is not there on this shopping site.

This shopping site has zero social media followers as there is no visibility of this shopping site on any social media.

How to contact hihappy.com customer support staff? There are no modes of communication on Hihappygo.com shopping site. If any customers want to return their order or they have some queries related to their order then the very first thing customers do is to contact the customers support staff but, here they can’t connect with them as there are unavailability of communication modes.

Copied content and pictures is a sign of a scam and every content and product picture on Hihappygo is copied from other web-stores.

How items can be returned? Items can’t be returned as there is no policy mentioned for product return. Every legit company allows their customers to return their order in case they received the wrong item or damaged item or defective products but, this company is not offering such policies.

Fewer reviews of shoppers are visible on the Hihappygo store which is not genuine and even the rating given on various products is paid.


Like other scam wreath sellers such as bxirt, etsyrooms, and etsygardens, Hihappygo is another fraud wreath seller so, please beware of the Hihappygo site.

Thank you.