To confirm the site that you’re visiting is a good for shopping, you should make a little effort to identify whether the site that you choose is safe for shopping or not? Daily we provide you genuine review of the scam sites so; today we are here with another review which is about Hilymall website.

You  can also check the website/scam category to know about more shopping scams. is quite old shopping site that sells furniture. Should you shop furniture from this store? Wait! Before clicking on buy now option please, check> Review [sept-2021]:

The positive image of the store

  • Hilymall is delivering amazing collections of furniture’s.
  • Provides fast product delivery.
  • Furniture prices are reasonable.
  • Distributes high quality furniture.

Hilymall is an online leading retail company that distributes the products worldwide but the question arises that Can you trust Hilymall furniture seller? Before coming to any conclusion please go through Hilymall store review. Review: scam or legit furniture seller?

  •  Hilymall furniture seller is listed a scam furniture seller due to following listed reasons:
  • This store online retailer has been introduced in the online world from quite a long time but still from its creation date it is not maintained perfectly.
  • The information provided in the about-us-page is copied from other shopping site.
  • The owner identity of hilymall is not disclosed.
  • Product billing is only done through single payment mode which is PayPal; no cash on delivery will be accepted by this store.
  • This online seller is not eye catchy.
  • The alexa ranking of is not very high.
  • The product of hilymall must be in its original-packaging otherwise the products won’t be eligible for return; this is not a positive sign.
  • The customer care service provided seems suspicious.
  • hilymall is not popular on any social-platform.
  • Hilymall is selling products in maximum quantity which is a sign of fake shopping site.
  • Public review is not visible on hilymall store.


Can you trust this shopping site? Now, after knowing the originality of, you will be able to decide whether you have to shop from hilymall or not.

After exploring this store we lead to a conclusion that is scam seller. Hilymall website can’t be trusted so; the shoppers should not choose hilymall as their online shopping destination please, stay away from hilymall.

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